Does my picture matrix make any sense? What does CSI: Crime Scene Investigation have to do with I Dream of Jeanie, the praying people that Atheists and Feminists may deem as wackos, and scrap metal from Florida. Some might know, some might guess, some won’t care. For anyone still reading, my post centers around Grissom – some knew him as Gus, not the guy from CSI. Apparently William Peterson picked his character’s name in homage to Gus.

Pilot Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Senior Pilot Edward H. White II and Pilot Roger B. Chaffee and died in the Apollo 1 accident. The number “1” fits Gus quite well because that was his position on the Astronaut list at the time of his death. If I wrote a CSI final episode, it would take Grissom and other original cast members to help some CSI Miami members in an investigation. Something to commemorate this Grissom link and honor all three who made a sacrifice.

I plan to throw some allusions into my novel and I noted my problem with putting the men from NASA into this chapter. Astronauts have to have extreme confidence in themselves, so putting them in a Narcissus centered chapter makes me feel lower than a heel, in a way, but the chapter also centers around sacrifice and that – they did.

Larry Hagman played Jeannie’s master (bottom right image) and he played a narcissist, in the TV show, “Dallas.” Hagman also began his career doing summer stock performances in Florida, so I have many reasons to allude to him. For some reason, some Feminists see Barbara Eden’s character with god like problems as demeaning. The astronauts come off as bumbling fools. If one of the Apollo 1 astronauts prayed for the “Great All Mighty,” to look like Eden – should it offend the Religious, the Feminists or the Atheists? Belief is not the problem, only the power mongering causes trouble.

Some might not care for thoughts on Roman Catholicism, but casting a man as god’s voice on earth troubles me. I’m sorry, if I feel any apparent bum on the street may know  god better and hate power mongering between religious groups.

My “Doubting Thomas” persona keeps me from handing over all my possessions, but it seems Thomas has forgiveness. I respect beliefs in god, but lack belief in man and all those Feminists who seem to think man deserves any right to fantasy.

Jorja Fox (seen with William Peterson in the top right image) grew up not far from where the those astronauts died.

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