I believe they called Richard Simmons normal until his brief stay at Florida State University, where they tutored him in weird. The Sunshine State sent some weird over to the Lone Star State; the weird came in the form of Leslie Cochran (the dude in the visor looking less like Richard Simmons). I wonder if they ever attended the same class.

Dave Barry made a career out of exposing South Florida’s weird-side. Carl Hiaasen set the weird to a crime beat. Tim Dorsey took out the good guys, unless you call Serge, the mass murderer, the good guy that he is. Dexter, our other homicidal maniac looks moral and normal in the South Florida that author, Jeff Lindsay, bakes in. Charlie Carlson truly made a living off of Weird Florida. The circus folk in Gibsonton may have helped instill the weird, but the so-called normals bring their own take.

When most everyone comes from somewhere(s) else, the most native becomes the most alien. I truly go by the title ET. Maybe the our prince brought the weird here, I will explore him in a later post.

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