Scaramouche do the fandango

SAND_Maurice_Masques_et_bouffons_07Bohemian Rhapsody band Queen Scaramouche fandango-horz

A Scaramouch is a conceited clown. Many sing the lyric from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, but the lyrics remain a mystery. My present chapter in rewrite centers on Narcissus  and the line, “Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango,” fits the theme. The song appears to have religious undertone; Freddy Mercury may refer to religious stoning and the Galileo reference may refer to heresy charges applied to the great scientist.

I wish the world had common agreement that god was a scientific genius. God = Hope and an Atheist refusal to allow hope; seems mean. Religious oversimplification that renders God into a magic man; seems dumb. I doubt a god would go into detail about atoms, elements  quarks because man would fail to understand. Every body needs to do the fandango; the insanity frightens me.

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The Plight of Winged Genius

Melencolia byAlbrecht Dürer

Melencolia, by Albrecht Dürer, shows what every artistic type waits for – the winged muse of inspiration. You can research, perform some editing, or doodle while you wait for this most beautiful goddess to take flight; I doubt anyone can smile at their craft when she sits on her ass. Melancholy is not a goddess; just the lack thereof. I had her in my arms, but now she’s two weeks gone.

I’m not sure who others see. Some may see a guy. I agree with Dürer’s interpretation; when she sits on her ass. When she comes; she shows all her glory,

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Florida Foxcatchers

ChanningTatum_WonderCon2012AuthorGage Skidmore-horz

Channing Tatum probably did some fox catching in Florida; since, he spent his teen years in here and Magic Mike was staged in Tampa. In the new movie, Foxcatcher,Tatum explores the life of John du Pont, who may have done some fox catching at the University of Miami. I doubt a rich dude at a noted party school had any problem catching foxy ladies, if he tried. The movie captures the relationship between Du Pont and two Olympic wrestlers . Du Pont murdered Dave Schultz, the brother of the Mark Schultz (Tatum’s character).

John du Pont fits the eccentric category of my present chapter.; I’m not positive I will allude to him, but he appears noteworthy. Tatum keeps climbing higher in iconic status and seems noteworthy, as well. Tatum plays Johnny Depp role in Jump Street, so he gives me reason to do some allusion jumping. I have more use for female strippers, but his Magic Mike role may come in handy..

I’m in a creative dry spell, so I’m just doing dry research. A branch of the Du Pont family had an early role in Florida history. I still need to do some tracing to see how this branch fits with the richer branch.

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Vanity and the Gossip

AllisvanityCharles Allan Gilbert-horz

Many thought Allan Gilbert painted both images, but he only painted, “All is Vanity” (left). George A. Wotherspoon made, “Gossip And Satan Came Also.” Maybe gossip played a part in the legacy of itself. Mythology may have also changed though the “error prone rule” of gossip. The “god of the underworld” morphed from “humanity’s wonderful provider” into a low life “thief of souls.”

“Similar but different plays a part misidentifying  painters of these two images, and “similar but different plays a role in my chapter in rewrite. The “God of Seed” (Dis Pater) and the “Goddess of Seed” (Proserpina) also have big roles in my novel. Vanity is the star of this particular chapter and the Prince of Darkness sees a big “V-shaped”  grin in the vanity mirror. Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is most vain of all. I have a slow transfer from the images, in my head, into words on-screen.

Which is Worse?


I can’t even enjoy a game. Some rich old white dude supposedly with cancer and on meds stirred up plantation talk among rich young and healthy black dudes. I try to ignore it all, but I’m sure advertising money will come out of my dry pockets and go to them even though I  will not see the games. Will the rich white dude or the rich black dudes get even a little depressed about little girls stolen from school and sold? What is the biggest crime? Which will gather more headlines? Will Blake Griffin marry Chris Paul? Will Donald Sterling dance with a silly rabbit on Dancing with the Stars? And people wonder why I turned misanthrope. If the girls were boys and the boys were girls, who would be kidnapping who? Is life a lottery, like conception? Part of me still hope the girls come out okay, but I’m wondering how much heart I have left.

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The Complexity of Bigotry


Sonia_Sotomayor_crop-horz.jpgI watched two old white guys complain about old white guys in power; they should feel free to give up their seats, but do they have any right to give advantages to other groups over other old white guys? Sonia Sotomayor firmly backs affirmative action but, but she is a member of the large religious group in the US and wants to give advantages to others of this majority group over the others. Protestants do not share beliefs with each other or a leader, so calling them a majority religion is flat-out wrong. Sonia Sotomayor voted to increase power of her in-group.

Bigotry is not racism, it is bias of big over small. Racism is only about race; despite what talking heads say on TV. Paul Krugman is one of the elitists, who with his Princeton degree complained out the people not of his elitist class. I hate every political party, I vote by intelligent solutions. Ethnicity should have nothing to do with benefits. I suspect most want the best doctors and care much less about what color they come in. A poor person no matter their color wants hope and Sotomayor should not be selling out people of different religious groups to further strengthen her  fellow Catholics.

I am part Spanish, Native American, and have many other ethnicities in my genetic makeup. Many newcomer to this country with similar genetic makeup have taken affirmative action benefits. Sonia Sotomayor is one such example. My family was one of the few Catholics in what became the United States. I know my ancestors did not have affirmative action benefits. Now because I am Agnostic and am not part of a religious group, Sotomayor and Krugman want to  further strengthen a majority organized religious group. Who is the bigot? I’m from the poor working class and Ivy league colleges prefer elitist bigots.

The chapter I’m rewriting is about narcissists, but I might find room to add elitists. It seems like a related in-group.

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Obey or Die

Bannertail by Ernest Thompson Seton

You can choose your religion. The US Supreme Court is run by religions organized outside US jurisdiction. The thought that my ancestors probably fought on opposite sides based on religion started me writing this book. Read about Catholic indulgences and the Inquisition; maybe you will see why I’m not happy with some of our political masters. Protestant is not a religious group; it is many different groups. If you separate the groups then Catholics are the largest religious group. Look at how many of our politicians are still in this religion that said obey or die. Yeah, it appears the new Pope finally sees what he average person sees = raping kids is wrong, but he just sainted a Pope that hid the crimes.

At one time, my ancestors were on of the few Catholics in what became the US. But those numbers have changed significantly. Protestant America gave religious freedom on conception in 1776, but Catholics were sill killing Protestants for being heretics one hundred years later. Walker Percy compared Catholics to African Americans in his book, The Moviegoer. Read how Catholics treated one of their own, in the biography of Flannery O’Connor. The Pope made a threat to throw John Kerry out of the Church, during his Presidential run. Do I keep silent about how such things trouble me? Should I obey the new masters, who are the same as the old masters; the ones who said – obey or die?

I don’t care what other believe; people can choose their own religion. Big religions are threats to freedom; I don’t like having freedom threatened. My chapter in rewrite will have scales; they may even have those same words being weighed.

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