Some people come in pairs. They tag Lewis Carroll as a nonsense writer, but I see him as surrealistic. Hunter Thompson had similar style. I am sure Sir John Tenniel helped sell Alice in Wonderland, Thompson may have needed Ralph Steadman more. You expect illustrations with a kid’s book, but you don’t expect a great need by a journalist. I’ve read Thompson’s stuff without illustrations and came away missing Steadman.

My last post showed an odd pair from Florida State University and you can add a third; Thompson found himself stationed in Pensacola while serving in the military and took FSU night courses. I’m still doing some rewrite on novel filled with Florida history and nonsense.

My blog probably looks like nonsense due to the surrealism in my novel. A look at the book or the blog alone may give puzzle and it may still baffle with access to both. My present chapter in rewrite deals with eccentrics and narcissists; Hunter Thompson probably fit in as both. Some might call my stuff gonzo history, but I do not try to pattern after him. I like surreal art and I thing this style just comes natural. I don’t know if I need to come as a pair of people rather than blog and book. We shall see. I can only pity whoever may get stuck with me.

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