Bannertail by Ernest Thompson Seton

You can choose your religion. The US Supreme Court is run by religions organized outside US jurisdiction. The thought that my ancestors probably fought on opposite sides based on religion started me writing this book. Read about Catholic indulgences and the Inquisition; maybe you will see why I’m not happy with some of our political masters. Protestant is not a religious group; it is many different groups. If you separate the groups then Catholics are the largest religious group. Look at how many of our politicians are still in this religion that said obey or die. Yeah, it appears the new Pope finally sees what he average person sees = raping kids is wrong, but he just sainted a Pope that hid the crimes.

At one time, my ancestors were on of the few Catholics in what became the US. But those numbers have changed significantly. Protestant America gave religious freedom on conception in 1776, but Catholics were sill killing Protestants for being heretics one hundred years later. Walker Percy compared Catholics to African Americans in his book, The Moviegoer. Read how Catholics treated one of their own, in the biography of Flannery O’Connor. The Pope made a threat to throw John Kerry out of the Church, during his Presidential run. Do I keep silent about how such things trouble me? Should I obey the new masters, who are the same as the old masters; the ones who said – obey or die?

I don’t care what other believe; people can choose their own religion. Big religions are threats to freedom; I don’t like having freedom threatened. My chapter in rewrite will have scales; they may even have those same words being weighed.

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