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Channing Tatum probably did some fox catching in Florida; since, he spent his teen years in here and Magic Mike was staged in Tampa. In the new movie, Foxcatcher,Tatum explores the life of John du Pont, who may have done some fox catching at the University of Miami. I doubt a rich dude at a noted party school had any problem catching foxy ladies, if he tried. The movie captures the relationship between Du Pont and two Olympic wrestlers . Du Pont murdered Dave Schultz, the brother of the Mark Schultz (Tatum’s character).

John du Pont fits the eccentric category of my present chapter.; I’m not positive I will allude to him, but he appears noteworthy. Tatum keeps climbing higher in iconic status and seems noteworthy, as well. Tatum plays Johnny Depp role in Jump Street, so he gives me reason to do some allusion jumping. I have more use for female strippers, but his Magic Mike role may come in handy..

I’m in a creative dry spell, so I’m just doing dry research. A branch of the Du Pont family had an early role in Florida history. I still need to do some tracing to see how this branch fits with the richer branch.

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