Killing the Kardashian Karma


We have reached the entertainment age without leaving the brutality behind. II f the world was in better shape; we could afford the Kardashians, but much of war comes due to financial reasons. I suspect the socialites have a brain; their father helped O.J. Simpson get away with murder. Persons who benefit society should receive the economic reward. Seeing Bill Gates or the Google guys on the most wealthy list makes perfect sense. Seeing Oprah on the list is a bit more curious. Buying a ticket to see a comedian is your spending choice; you pay Oprah through what in essence is a commercial marketing tax and have no choice in this matter. All empires fall. Kim K. may represent America’s fall.

I use celebrities in my novel for various reasons. The trivial nature of today’s society is one target. I use it to entertain, too. Entertainment does have value, but I’m less certain the billions going into purses of such people gives us much value for the dollar.Kim K. represents most Muslim militants hate and we send people into war to get body parts blow apart to defend the rights of Kim K to be Kim K.

Her sex tapes should be available for free to all American military personnel. Isn’t it the least she could do? My title reflects the karma due America for rewarding these celebrities.

I chose the first image due to how well it captures the picture of war.

Bodies of Chinese massacred by Japanese troops along a river in Nanjing (Murase_Moriyasa’s_photo)


No Honor Society


I’m in a lousy mood. I may as well take it out on the type of people who have put me here. Other cultures have every right to attack America for our rampant commercialization. The blurred lines of entertainment and news has without a doubt hurt our society.

Barbara Walters has and probably will get more awards for her news career, but I see her as more opinion and bad entertainment. She made millions. We see news about poor immigrant field workers, but the news media rakes in billions through commercial TV which raises prices to pay these pretend to be caring celebrities.

Dr. Oz has recently mode news for his medical fraud, do not mistake his crimes for anything less. Oprah is one of the richest people in the world and she helped Oz commit fraud and performed her own marketing crimes. When you pay way too much on your next purchase, remember you are funding these  millionaires and billionaires. Personally I would rather see more go to the poor farm worker than a crook’s pockets. Yes, they are crooks. They steal from society.

Walters has Florida connections so she my garner an allusion, in my novel. I’m more the “rather not say anything than say anything bad,” but the world sickens me more each and every day. Maybe if  doctors helped me more than they hurt me; I may be less grudging. They should thrown the fraud, Dr. Oz in jail. He knew he did wrong and did it anyway No wonder our medical system ranks last in comparison to other countries.

If these people represent the cream of society. We are in trouble.

God for Dummies


An atomic bomb looks like the power of god. I wonder why we still have war, when we have nukes? The worst part about being in the military was the realization that I was nothing more than a toy soldier. Guns are for wimps. Those Manhattan Project scientists were true bad-asses.

The role of religion in war confounds me. War made more sense, when people fought for war gods. Is the Christian, Islamic, Judaic god — a war god?

The war-goddess was a once popular icon. Part of today’s strife comes due to the debated role of women. Some cultures prefer their women mired in ignorance. Warmonger feminists make me wonder the wisdom in keeping women ignorant. I don’t hate women, but some male hating feminists tend to make me want to hate right back. Most people reciprocate the hate. I try not to, but I have a limited number of cheeks to turn.

Atomic power comes from the release of energy as an unstable isotope strives to reach a stable state. E=mc2 equates matter and energy. Our bodies are forms of energy. Do we ever reach a stable state? Is there a heaven? You can’t prove or disprove god. Nuclear power hints god exists. The question is whether god gets some amusement out of our war games.

I used the picture from, “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” (an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone,) to represent limited human perspective. If god exists then he, she, or it — is beyond our perception. Atheists are idiots for not seeing this obvious truth and denying the glimmer of hope that heaven represents. I’m agnostic, which means I have some acceptance of ignorance. I’m not god and only a god can know, the unknowable.

The Absurdity of Sports Gods


Sport is entertainment. I doubt a god cares about a game. Ability to know or manipulate the outcome has to take the fun out of sport. I find war to prove, “my god is better than your god,” —  absurd. I enjoy sports, but Albert Camus captured the alienation I feel when I see sports fanatics get crazy about games, in “The Stranger.” I enjoy the strategy and the physical talents, but the crazy money in sports is absurd. Why do politicians give corporate welfare to bug money businesses that should be able to fend for themselves?

Tim Tebow uses his fame to inspire and seems genuinely concerned about kids with health concerns. Using fame to inspire seems noble, but I prefer quiet religion and appropriate role models. Tebow throws and ugly ball, but he took a weaker Bronco team as far as Peyton Manning. Throwing hate at Tebow is absurd. He seems like a true good guy; like Warrick Dunn.

I use the parallel of sports and war in my novel and fanatics get special attention. I don’t allude to many sports figures and I doubt Tebow will show up unless he ups his iconic status quick. Most sports stars fade away quick.

Sisyphus by Titian (left from Wikimedia) wikidata:Q47551
Current location
(Inventory)Prado Museum Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q160112
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Title: Sisyphus

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Lacking the Sad Clown


The clown portion of my writing seems to have gone missing. A deadline may push me to push out crap during such phases, but I lack a schedule. I suspect this phase will pass. I need my humor back before I can finish the rewrite of this chapter. Serious issues tend to crowd out the clown. The sad clown needs to wait for his moment; humor is in the timing.

I need to fund a place to give ode to Emmitt  Kelly (right), the sad clown prince of Sarasota. Scaramouche, the vain clown, has a place in this chapter; I’m not sure the sad clown will appear. The two clowns work well with each other, so he may. Stan Laurel would fit the sad clown archetype and Oliver Hardy fits as Scaramouche.

The French made several contributions to the art of clowning. I show Paul Legrand (left). Jon Ringling brought the clown college to Sarasota. I try to force out a couple of blog posts a week during these phases. You get  best view of the gas gauge when you get in the car. My clown car sits empty. I wait for a clown to give a push. Maybe I need to howl at the moon to finish this  infuriating phase.

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