The clown portion of my writing seems to have gone missing. A deadline may push me to push out crap during such phases, but I lack a schedule. I suspect this phase will pass. I need my humor back before I can finish the rewrite of this chapter. Serious issues tend to crowd out the clown. The sad clown needs to wait for his moment; humor is in the timing.

I need to fund a place to give ode to Emmitt  Kelly (right), the sad clown prince of Sarasota. Scaramouche, the vain clown, has a place in this chapter; I’m not sure the sad clown will appear. The two clowns work well with each other, so he may. Stan Laurel would fit the sad clown archetype and Oliver Hardy fits as Scaramouche.

The French made several contributions to the art of clowning. I show Paul Legrand (left). Jon Ringling brought the clown college to Sarasota. I try to force out a couple of blog posts a week during these phases. You get  best view of the gas gauge when you get in the car. My clown car sits empty. I wait for a clown to give a push. Maybe I need to howl at the moon to finish this  infuriating phase.

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