I’m in a lousy mood. I may as well take it out on the type of people who have put me here. Other cultures have every right to attack America for our rampant commercialization. The blurred lines of entertainment and news has without a doubt hurt our society.

Barbara Walters has and probably will get more awards for her news career, but I see her as more opinion and bad entertainment. She made millions. We see news about poor immigrant field workers, but the news media rakes in billions through commercial TV which raises prices to pay these pretend to be caring celebrities.

Dr. Oz has recently mode news for his medical fraud, do not mistake his crimes for anything less. Oprah is one of the richest people in the world and she helped Oz commit fraud and performed her own marketing crimes. When you pay way too much on your next purchase, remember you are funding these  millionaires and billionaires. Personally I would rather see more go to the poor farm worker than a crook’s pockets. Yes, they are crooks. They steal from society.

Walters has Florida connections so she my garner an allusion, in my novel. I’m more the “rather not say anything than say anything bad,” but the world sickens me more each and every day. Maybe if  doctors helped me more than they hurt me; I may be less grudging. They should thrown the fraud, Dr. Oz in jail. He knew he did wrong and did it anyway No wonder our medical system ranks last in comparison to other countries.

If these people represent the cream of society. We are in trouble.