We have reached the entertainment age without leaving the brutality behind. II f the world was in better shape; we could afford the Kardashians, but much of war comes due to financial reasons. I suspect the socialites have a brain; their father helped O.J. Simpson get away with murder. Persons who benefit society should receive the economic reward. Seeing Bill Gates or the Google guys on the most wealthy list makes perfect sense. Seeing Oprah on the list is a bit more curious. Buying a ticket to see a comedian is your spending choice; you pay Oprah through what in essence is a commercial marketing tax and have no choice in this matter. All empires fall. Kim K. may represent America’s fall.

I use celebrities in my novel for various reasons. The trivial nature of today’s society is one target. I use it to entertain, too. Entertainment does have value, but I’m less certain the billions going into purses of such people gives us much value for the dollar.Kim K. represents most Muslim militants hate and we send people into war to get body parts blow apart to defend the rights of Kim K to be Kim K.

Her sex tapes should be available for free to all American military personnel. Isn’t it the least she could do? My title reflects the karma due America for rewarding these celebrities.

I chose the first image due to how well it captures the picture of war.

Bodies of Chinese massacred by Japanese troops along a river in Nanjing (Murase_Moriyasa’s_photo)


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