Spinning Out of Control


Keeping control is the hard part about writing a novel. I may not get in everything that I want to include. An allusion to Candide will occur in this chapter and those who figure out the riddle held in this allusion will understand how my posts about Catholicism relate. Candide should list high on the list of most influential books. Voltaire is an interesting character. Someone wishing to make an Oscar winning screenplay should take a look at his life. He has one of the more interesting casts of lovers that you might find in history. I hope to create a few allusions dedicated to some of these lovers. I may be asking to much of myself, but maybe I can find a fit.


Machiavellian Religion


I can see God as good and religion as bad because men ( and yes its normally is men) use religion in nefarious ways. Have Roman Catholics used such tactics to make rapid gains in power, in formerly Protestant America? Groupism is my main issue; whether it be by gender, as in Feminism; or by race, or religion.

I prefer to look at what benefits society as a whole rather than what benefits a certain group.  On the right, a portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito, shows a nobler man than his name  now suggests. The Roman Catholic Church banned his book from public consumption, but that does not mean they didn’t use the ideas to serve their own purposes.

The Vatican was never fond of an educated public and the Protestant Reformation came soon after the Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. Protestants are bible based; The Vatican was more into using the word of god to serve their bureaucratic nature. Even today you can witness the tight control of religious literature in the Catholic church. Protestants are more constitution based tend to use, “and it is written,” type defense to back their beliefs. The problem with this is that the Bible was written by mortal men, not god or the son of god.Yes, it is a collection of wisdom, but people should realize men have monkeyed around with those .

Pope Leo X (Left was without a doubt a user of Machiavelli politics).  The big problem with such politics is that it serves the system rather than serving the people. My novel isn’t an attack on Catholicism, but my research has made me wonder if the Vatican didn’t plot to take over American politics. Bring in immigrants who vote loyally for their fellow Catholics thus taking over the Protestant born country. It appears to have worked. Give a welcome to one element of Orwell’s Big Brother. Control the politics and the press.

Only One Wise Latina Here

Juana_Inés_de_la_CruzLoa to Divine Narcissus-horz

I haven’t gone off track with my posts about Catholic narcissism. Juana Inés de la_Cruz wrote about it in her. “Loa to Divine Narcissus.” It is sad that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor can’t see how ugly she is and I’m talking about inner beauty not outer. I am certain Juana will take on the character of America in my present chapter in rewrite. Sotomayor makes a good representative of Catholic narcissism and I have good ideas about the male characters.

I’m using Thomas Pynchon type play within a play, but the transitioning from scene to scene has proved difficult. My ability to do humor has also taken a hit due to my lousy mood. Thinking about this subject has not helped my mood or my view of Catholicism. I wish lovely Juana was alive and not uh …. I wonder if this novel has pit me on a watch list. I often find myself caring for these long dead people and developing unabashed hate for many living today.

True African Americans First


The North botched it. I’m not sure if the economic slavery that existed after the Civil War was better than pre-war slavery, but I can see why Affirmative Action came about. Why people who come to the US voluntarily get the same benefits boggles my mind. Spain and the Roman Catholic Church may owe the Central American immigrants; the US did not create the Central America mess. You can add France , Portugal and many others to the list, but the  Vatican owes the most. Handouts can cause more harm than good and it does injure pride, but the rich should feel some good doing some philanthropy.

Catholics like Cokie Roberts and others I saw on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos should quit their propaganda and their hypocrisy Poor people pay for the commercial marketing that makes Cokie rich. Liberals quit being hypocritical..

I put Horace King’s picture up because he even did fairly well under the Confederate system and is a true African American. Obama had his white family and the help given his African father and is not a true African American; he just got help that could have went to someone more needing and deserving. I might not have such a hardened heart of the immigration issue if politicians did not milk everything to political gain. Send Cokie and the rest of those ABC  hypocrites to the poverty line and use their money to help the immigrants.

The Catholic narcissism will without a doubt appear in my novel Why don’t Catholic immigrants go to a Catholic country instead of one built by Protestants, the latter made mistakes bust it is obvious they did better than the Catholics. Can we get rid of some of the Catholic politicians and political analysts; they have horrible credentials and brag way too much.

An intelligent American makes better choices than a Jap

President Barack Obama meets with Judge Sonia Sotomayer in the Oval Office on May 21, 2009. The President nominated Judge Sotomayer to the U.S. Supreme Court on May 26, 2009.<br />
(Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

I find that statement disrespectful to the Japanese people, but is it much different Sonia’s Sotomayor’s quote about white males:

“ I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Would the Japanese want an American  who said such a thing on their highest court?

Did she ever give a heartfelt apology? No. White males wrote our constitution. Doesn’t this statement reflect on her respect for the constitution. Does she want to give affirmative action privilege to these immigrants which give them an edge over the present citizens. Yes. Have new arrivals taken away help from Black citizens? Yes. If someone came to America voluntarily why did they get Affirmative action. I can see giving tie-breakers to favor descendants of former slaves, but it should never have been applied to someone like Sotomayor. If anyone owed her anything I’m sure it was Spain and the Catholic Church, she is as likely to be descended from slaveholder as slave.

She wants to give the edge to people like her. She has the ugly face of a bigot. Part of me feels awful that these immigrant kids will get back to where the Catholic pedophiles and the mafia rule. She supports the Catholic church and she’s obviously superior than Buddhists, Hindus. Muslims, and so forth. My ancestor was Spanish Catholic like hers, but I guess the later generations which got corrupted by those white male genes, should have been killed as heretics because they did things like giving women some rights because Catholics hated such heretics. An intelligent white male Secret Service agent would be wise to duck. No. that isn’t a threat; you idiots that do not see why her quote makes such action wise.

You people in Norway better get some color in your skin because Sotomayor will probably lead America into another Inquisition. I can see why you might want to nuke us now. How can any white skinned country both see us as a threat when the have such a person in high office. Switzerland, you may want to forget you policy of neutrality because she hates people like you.

We apparently expect more from a teenage girl on Facebook than our leaders. A Belgium teen got a modeling contract from L’Oreal then lost it when they saw a post about ‘hunting Americans.”  Sotomayor made a derogatory statement about her father and other male members of her family. Does such a statement make her hate Americans? Should all countries of white complexion stop relations with our apparently despicable country?

Same Old Songs of Propaganda


ABC News was bus with Catholic propaganda again. Getting taken over sucks. Once immigration grows to upset the balance the locals get understandably nervous. It isn’t an American thing, a Jewish thing, or a Catholic thing – it is a human thing.

I recently wrote how Blacks and Mexicans may have been better of if Lincoln would have rallied the country to seize Mexico. Slavery needed to end but Lincoln’s war did not bring prosperity to Blacks. My Southern ancestor was married to former Black slave and some Blacks prospered in the South before the Civil War. The North had not even gotten rid of its own use of slavery. Look at a map and imagine the border security if Mexico was part of the US. It is hard to imagine Mexicans doing worse; if such a thing happened. One problem exists in this theory – Religion.

The Spanish Conquistadors found riches in Mexico and Central America; they found nothing much in what became the United States. The Conquistadors brought Catholic bureaucracy  and made the once rich nation poor. The United States was Protestant based (not so much now) and built a less than perfect country out of lands the Catholic Conquistadors saw as worthless. I hate using the term Protestant because it is such an ill-defined term. The “protest” in Protestant was against certain elements of Catholicism. I prefer to take aim at the central authority system which time after time results in ruin. Maybe this Pope is a good guy but does it matter in a larger scope in time. Power corrupts over time, so the centralized nature of the Catholic system will all lead to ruin.

The Catholic propaganda coming from ABC by Catholic bureaucrats does not sit well with me. If Catholics are godsends like Sonia Sotomayor says; why are they all coming to the Protestant built America? Local church approach can have some benefits, the world church concept that the Vatican wants to enslave people to will do what it always does – cause strife. I’m sorry I don’t see your religion as god sent. I’m Agnostic, I follow the footsteps of Doubting Thomas., but I have no doubt the centralized bureaucratic nature of Catholicism is harmful to society.

I’m sure Catholics want to bring in more Catholics to take over the US. I’m just hoping some Catholics have a brain and I can reach it. I want Catholics to see my reasoning. I’I’ don’t want to stir up religious hate, but watching the ABC propaganda does stir some up in me.

Personally I think slavery would have ended without the Civil War and the transitioning of Blacks into American society would have went smoother. I may be wrong, but it is my best guess when looking at cause & effect. The easy to control border sure looks nice on a map.

Immigration and the Gold Cross


Central America was the rich lands; North America wasn’t even wanted by the Conquistadors. Catholicism sent the natives to mine gold for crosses. In North America, the Protestant believed in the cross, but not the gold icon. Many Protestant religions sprouted from the Scottish clan system, which was much like the Native American system prevalent in North America. Catholicism gives power to an out of touch and elitist Vatican; local people run most Protestant churches.

Apparently, the present Pope is cleaning up the centuries old corruption.He is trying to fix the Vatican bank which filled its coffers with slave mined gold and Mafia money laundering. Good luck. The point is the Vatican should give back the gold. Sonia Sotomayor should have her elitist butt shipped out to a Catholic ruined country. This isn’t about theology; it is about management style. Anyone thinking elitist Catholicism has a place in American government is flat-out crazy. Maybe the new Pope is a good guy, but no one can fix such a corrupt system. Dump the Vatican and go to a small church system without a corrupt ruling body. Take that Vatican money to help feed these immigrant children. The Vatican helped cause this mess. They need to give back some of that ill earned money.

God is OK, but elitist religious systems harm everyone. Sonia Sotomayor is proud of her rich elitist ass. I keep wondering how may of these children will grow up into rich, hypocritical asses like our dishonorable Supreme Court Justice. Rich Liberals are hypocritical asses. Conservative are more garden variety type asses.

A wooden cross can look mighty fine, but the Vatican preferred gold. This wood versus gold cross theme fits in my present chapter. But obviously, much was rant. I’m sure most Catholic countries know why people want to flee to the once Protestant America, which grows more corrupt and dictator like as Catholics grow in political power. Some things are obvious. I had Catholic ancestors; it isn’t about the people


Born with props

Two features strike you with one look at the head shots of Reba McEntire and Carrot Top – Their hair and their mouths. A caricature artist would highlight these features. The Neanderthals may be responsible for the red hair gene. Carrot Top may have been more hunk than freak back in caveman days. He often exaggerates his features to brig out the freak and their is a difference between male and female redheads – one is often considered hot and the other not.

If the world is a stage then physical features are often props. They shape our identity. We in America more often use the word, “exotic” for Asians than redheads, but redheads are more unique in the world. Physical features can mold social identity and such features come in handy in my novel. I’m considering carving out a Carrot Top character in my present chapter in rewrite. Props are the reason why.

The serious aspects of this chapter have drowned out my normally humorous tone, but props may hold the key in keeping my comedy afloat. I use various contraptions in other chapters, so this idea is nothing new to my style. Carrot Top was born here in Florida, so he fits into my theme. Reba also has some connections to Florida, so I might make an allusion to her as well. A few ideas have hit me, but my wit has also taken a hit with this lousy mood I’m in.