Give some applause to the students of UNLV. I don’t care if it is a Republican or Democrat; a college should not pay a speaker to deliver what amounts to a sales pitch. Hilary Clinton planned to sell her book, her political party, or herself and did not seem to realize students tuition increases pays these speaker fees. Republicans are A-holes but Democrats bring hypocrisy with their A-hole selves.

The tribal nature of man plays a part in my novel and political parties are little more than tribes. Democrats have closer ties to the media, so the spiraling cost of consumer marketing falls under their sins. A problem exists when the sale becomes more important than the product.

My mind appears to be in a recuperating phase. Explosions of creativity take a toll and it takes a while for me to get back in gear. Balance has a big role in my present chapter in rewrite. An imbalance world creates imbalanced minds. I suspect rampages will get more and more common due to this imbalance.