Two features strike you with one look at the head shots of Reba McEntire and Carrot Top – Their hair and their mouths. A caricature artist would highlight these features. The Neanderthals may be responsible for the red hair gene. Carrot Top may have been more hunk than freak back in caveman days. He often exaggerates his features to brig out the freak and their is a difference between male and female redheads – one is often considered hot and the other not.

If the world is a stage then physical features are often props. They shape our identity. We in America more often use the word, “exotic” for Asians than redheads, but redheads are more unique in the world. Physical features can mold social identity and such features come in handy in my novel. I’m considering carving out a Carrot Top character in my present chapter in rewrite. Props are the reason why.

The serious aspects of this chapter have drowned out my normally humorous tone, but props may hold the key in keeping my comedy afloat. I use various contraptions in other chapters, so this idea is nothing new to my style. Carrot Top was born here in Florida, so he fits into my theme. Reba also has some connections to Florida, so I might make an allusion to her as well. A few ideas have hit me, but my wit has also taken a hit with this lousy mood I’m in.


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