Central America was the rich lands; North America wasn’t even wanted by the Conquistadors. Catholicism sent the natives to mine gold for crosses. In North America, the Protestant believed in the cross, but not the gold icon. Many Protestant religions sprouted from the Scottish clan system, which was much like the Native American system prevalent in North America. Catholicism gives power to an out of touch and elitist Vatican; local people run most Protestant churches.

Apparently, the present Pope is cleaning up the centuries old corruption.He is trying to fix the Vatican bank which filled its coffers with slave mined gold and Mafia money laundering. Good luck. The point is the Vatican should give back the gold. Sonia Sotomayor should have her elitist butt shipped out to a Catholic ruined country. This isn’t about theology; it is about management style. Anyone thinking elitist Catholicism has a place in American government is flat-out crazy. Maybe the new Pope is a good guy, but no one can fix such a corrupt system. Dump the Vatican and go to a small church system without a corrupt ruling body. Take that Vatican money to help feed these immigrant children. The Vatican helped cause this mess. They need to give back some of that ill earned money.

God is OK, but elitist religious systems harm everyone. Sonia Sotomayor is proud of her rich elitist ass. I keep wondering how may of these children will grow up into rich, hypocritical asses like our dishonorable Supreme Court Justice. Rich Liberals are hypocritical asses. Conservative are more garden variety type asses.

A wooden cross can look mighty fine, but the Vatican preferred gold. This wood versus gold cross theme fits in my present chapter. But obviously, much was rant. I’m sure most Catholic countries know why people want to flee to the once Protestant America, which grows more corrupt and dictator like as Catholics grow in political power. Some things are obvious. I had Catholic ancestors; it isn’t about the people



3 thoughts on “Immigration and the Gold Cross

    1. Lincoln should have rallied the nation against Mexico instead of spurring Civil War. Mexicans and Blacks may have did better. All North America may have happiness ratings up their with Norway. A Protestant does not sit on the Supreme Court. The power mongers have taken over. America will have a hard enough time saving itself. If people can’t understand the probe with centralized political power; we can not stand. Catholicism and Communism are centralized political power systems. They doom us all.


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