ABC News was bus with Catholic propaganda again. Getting taken over sucks. Once immigration grows to upset the balance the locals get understandably nervous. It isn’t an American thing, a Jewish thing, or a Catholic thing – it is a human thing.

I recently wrote how Blacks and Mexicans may have been better of if Lincoln would have rallied the country to seize Mexico. Slavery needed to end but Lincoln’s war did not bring prosperity to Blacks. My Southern ancestor was married to former Black slave and some Blacks prospered in the South before the Civil War. The North had not even gotten rid of its own use of slavery. Look at a map and imagine the border security if Mexico was part of the US. It is hard to imagine Mexicans doing worse; if such a thing happened. One problem exists in this theory – Religion.

The Spanish Conquistadors found riches in Mexico and Central America; they found nothing much in what became the United States. The Conquistadors brought Catholic bureaucracy  and made the once rich nation poor. The United States was Protestant based (not so much now) and built a less than perfect country out of lands the Catholic Conquistadors saw as worthless. I hate using the term Protestant because it is such an ill-defined term. The “protest” in Protestant was against certain elements of Catholicism. I prefer to take aim at the central authority system which time after time results in ruin. Maybe this Pope is a good guy but does it matter in a larger scope in time. Power corrupts over time, so the centralized nature of the Catholic system will all lead to ruin.

The Catholic propaganda coming from ABC by Catholic bureaucrats does not sit well with me. If Catholics are godsends like Sonia Sotomayor says; why are they all coming to the Protestant built America? Local church approach can have some benefits, the world church concept that the Vatican wants to enslave people to will do what it always does – cause strife. I’m sorry I don’t see your religion as god sent. I’m Agnostic, I follow the footsteps of Doubting Thomas., but I have no doubt the centralized bureaucratic nature of Catholicism is harmful to society.

I’m sure Catholics want to bring in more Catholics to take over the US. I’m just hoping some Catholics have a brain and I can reach it. I want Catholics to see my reasoning. I’I’ don’t want to stir up religious hate, but watching the ABC propaganda does stir some up in me.

Personally I think slavery would have ended without the Civil War and the transitioning of Blacks into American society would have went smoother. I may be wrong, but it is my best guess when looking at cause & effect. The easy to control border sure looks nice on a map.


3 thoughts on “Same Old Songs of Propaganda

    1. My Spanish ancestors were probably here before the Pilgrims; 1700 at he latest, but I’ve still been harassed by some newer arrival because I seem like a regular Southern white guy. It seems some can’t understand the complexities of history. Elitist whites don’t understand the hate they aim at us. I don’t know why they think, “hate the white guy,” is any better than hate the whatever.


      1. I met a few self-loathing white guys at college. They wished they didn’t have to carry the burden of everyone’s hatred since they were normal white guys with about the same power as the rest of us.


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