The North botched it. I’m not sure if the economic slavery that existed after the Civil War was better than pre-war slavery, but I can see why Affirmative Action came about. Why people who come to the US voluntarily get the same benefits boggles my mind. Spain and the Roman Catholic Church may owe the Central American immigrants; the US did not create the Central America mess. You can add France , Portugal and many others to the list, but the  Vatican owes the most. Handouts can cause more harm than good and it does injure pride, but the rich should feel some good doing some philanthropy.

Catholics like Cokie Roberts and others I saw on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos should quit their propaganda and their hypocrisy Poor people pay for the commercial marketing that makes Cokie rich. Liberals quit being hypocritical..

I put Horace King’s picture up because he even did fairly well under the Confederate system and is a true African American. Obama had his white family and the help given his African father and is not a true African American; he just got help that could have went to someone more needing and deserving. I might not have such a hardened heart of the immigration issue if politicians did not milk everything to political gain. Send Cokie and the rest of those ABC  hypocrites to the poverty line and use their money to help the immigrants.

The Catholic narcissism will without a doubt appear in my novel Why don’t Catholic immigrants go to a Catholic country instead of one built by Protestants, the latter made mistakes bust it is obvious they did better than the Catholics. Can we get rid of some of the Catholic politicians and political analysts; they have horrible credentials and brag way too much.


4 thoughts on “True African Americans First

    1. If god exists I’m sure god can send a clear message to any and every person. Pope Francis has done a better job of distancing himself as the voice of god on earth, but Catholics still want to see their religion as the voice of god. I don’t believe you can prove or disprove god, but I understand why people want to believe. I praise the Aztec nun in this post because she saw problems with her native Aztec religion and her adopted religion of Roman Catholicism. In her play Zeal rides with the Roman Catholic religion to enforce what they saw as right. Fell free to avoid my posts which may seem offensive. It is not my intent to cause hate. I do have some strong feelings about power mongering which is common to all cultures. I do not troll for Likes; if I Liked your post it means I saw humor or value in it. Sometime it is just a bit of free encouragement, but I try to stay true to my feelings.


    1. Protestant churches hire and fire their leaders when they get bored with their pastor’s sermon. Does that sound like “voice of god treatment.?”
      This last change in Popes was the first time death did not mandate the change. My issue is power mongering in which people vote for others in their group. The small Protestant religions started the country, but the old large, more organized religions have leveraged control. Read about the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre; it is why Protestants separated Church and State when they formed our country. Read about American heresy” and the Inquisition and see the problem with a large centralized religion religion.


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