Juana_Inés_de_la_CruzLoa to Divine Narcissus-horz

I haven’t gone off track with my posts about Catholic narcissism. Juana Inés de la_Cruz wrote about it in her. “Loa to Divine Narcissus.” It is sad that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor can’t see how ugly she is and I’m talking about inner beauty not outer. I am certain Juana will take on the character of America in my present chapter in rewrite. Sotomayor makes a good representative of Catholic narcissism and I have good ideas about the male characters.

I’m using Thomas Pynchon type play within a play, but the transitioning from scene to scene has proved difficult. My ability to do humor has also taken a hit due to my lousy mood. Thinking about this subject has not helped my mood or my view of Catholicism. I wish lovely Juana was alive and not uh …. I wonder if this novel has pit me on a watch list. I often find myself caring for these long dead people and developing unabashed hate for many living today.