Launching a Thousand Ships

11 April 2010 Sasha Shevchenko striking a pose at Maydan to present new FEMEN logo and style 2 years of FEMEN logo form famousRussian Designer Artemiy Lebedev plus world fame

Are these breasts behind some of the (extremist) Muslim hate of America and other Western world countries? Social change is difficult and complicated. Older generations of Feminists have to look with horror at some of what they unleashed. I prefer giving people the right to make an ethical choice, but one must see the choices or this right goes wrong.

Femen goes to war with Catholics, Muslims, and Putin.I see Femen’s good points. I only want clearer messages and calmer minds My mind struggles to keep calm these days. I see a lot of blind leading the blind.

As a guy, I love what I see. Female breasts make my mind smile. Camille Paglia admits seeing women as sex objects. I believe she will see it as more necessary for most men to see those two objects and think – sex. Do we need some self-control? Yes. Do women need to curb the sexiness of their fashion choices? People of both genders disagree on this question.

Sasha Shevchenko (owner of the breasts above) knows what attracts attention to her cause and the reason they attract attention is because they are sex objects. They are her weapons. Posting a penis seems more silly because even women who like a good penis have less desire to see a picture. Men are different. There are never enough breasts to explore. Camille Paglia and many more lesbians would agree with men. I can’t say whether gay guys or women love the penis more; If I had to wager, I would probably place my bet on gay men. For straight men that is a somewhat depressing thought.

I almost always have more questions than answers. I do know one thing – you need to see the issues to make an ethical choice. I did not plan to make Feminism an issue in my book, but it became clear that the Feminist and religious issues often for and against each other. Most will see the Helen of Troy reference in my title, but sometimes I wonder if most see anyone but Narcissus and hear only Echo. Me – I only see Chaos. I rather see Elpis.


The Absurdity of our Times

anti-Feminist humor

Interpretation of Feminism from a possibly straight, sane man. Who will know when the last sane man turns mad or goes gay? Is it possible some lesbians will change sides? For those incapable of figuring this out – it is not homophobic, the joke is Feminism and the political correctness of sexual objectification, as this notably inferior male sees it.

Land of Lost Feminism


I’m not sure Camille Paglia and Ariel Levy agree on much, but I suspect they agree Feminism has turned into a joke (Or their master plan is working beautifully). Paglia is so gay she is a guy. She’s interesting. I always tried to respect women, the Feminists movement just makes my eyes roll. I can understand why middle-aged or older women don’t understand some of the latest views, but my last investigation into a younger woman’s mind left me even more baffled.

I’m not judging women on their type of views, but I never want to try to explain the different views to another woman bragging about being a Feminist.  I originally just wanted to understand which group might win the war between Feminist groups. I need to give up, because, my understanding of women has reached a new low. Is the master plan to drive men crazy? I had a short enough walk, don’t brag too much about taking me down.

Mother Nature’s Payback is a B


Mother Nature appears to have a vengeance goddess in her employ. Hamilton Disston messed with Everglades and we have spent a lot of money trying to appease Mother nature, ever since. The Dis in Disston fits well as a Dis Pater allusion.

From Mother Nature to Human Nature:

Nemesis went after both Narcissus and Echo

Social activists need more awareness to the dangers of trying to manipulate human nature to their design. I made an attempt to communicate this to a Feminist activist. I doubt my point got through. I’m an intuitive feeler (an INFP) many Feminists don’t seem to understand a guy can do such a thing. I feel too much social imbalance in the world because people are trying to bend human nature to their will. Feminists appear to think present conditions favor White men, Miley Cyrus showed us what many of us knew; many White guys are not doing too well. Watch out Echo. Nemesis does not discriminate on gender.

Everyone wants to fight for their own in-group Many groups split in ideology but either don’t realize it or are to stubborn to split; I don’t know if Feminists are stubborn or deaf but I hear very opposite messages’ from different claimants of the Feminist cause.

Nemesis Served on a Plate

Parabiago plate2

Chaos rules in mythology. Deities change names and shuffle properties with each era and region.  Nemesis, the goddess, is also part Lady Justice and Fortuna plus she is ascribed as mother of the Telchines, who are also the Cabeiri. You will also have people like me telling you that Hephaestus is a water deity and no one with some knowledge about Greek mythology will say such a thing but people willing to take another look may see my point. Where did Hephaestus grow up?

You will not find Nemesis on the Parabiago plate but change a few symbol changes can make her fit. The Karpoi (the fruit) or what other names they may go by fall in the Little People who do all the work category. The Karpoi on the Parabiago plate are obviously agricultural deities. Use metallurgy symbols instead and they will move into the Telchine and Cabeiri territory. Tartarus was the Telchine father and Nemesis’ lover; he is also shares underworld deity status with Dis Pater.

I typed in “Rich Father” with blue font because that is what Dis Pater translates to. I also typed in, “The Riches” because foodstuffs, metals and minerals fall under the riches of the earth.Change symbols of the lovers on the lower left portion of the plate and you will also change the appropriate identity of those Little people. Oceanus still fits but Nyx (night) is most often described as the mother. Using Hephaestus in place of Oceanus and pair him with Cabeiro  gives you a match that gave birth to the Cabeiri. The Hephaestus, as a water deity becomes a better fit. Hephaestus, the Cabeiri, and the Telchines share blacksmith tongs as a symbol which also links all three to the crab.

Now lets use the zodiac. Virgo (the virgin) + Libra (the scales) = Nemesis (Lady Justice)

The crab (or crayfish) is Cancer

My point being that these are symbols older than Greek mythology; they dip into the Babylonian era. These are very old symbols and were associated with the most significant gods. You may never have heard of the Cabeiri, but they one had major significance. Nemesis makes for a nice match with Innana. I haven’t even gone into the Leda and the Helen of Troy links in these mythologies. I’m probably going to need presentation software to get people to see some of the things I see and use in my novel For another day.

Side note: Good for Miley Cyrus to use her celebrity status on something important.

When Nemesis is your Friend

FEMEN protest Ministry of Justice - France by Joseph Paris

Femen (the topless activists) hate Catholics. I’m not sure whether the nun knew this fact, but I’m sure this coincidental meeting between contrasting ideologies gave the photographer (Joseph Paris) a big smile, as well. Part of the story is told in an article written by Eleanor Beardsley :

With Topless Protests, ‘Sextremists’ March In Paris
Originally published on Fri October 19, 2012 4:12 pm

I’m sure Sister Marie Veronique agrees with some issues raised by Femen, as do I. Many may see some of my posts and see me as hating both Feminists and Catholics, but truth often comes with a complex story. I don’t believe a god (or goddess, if you prefer) needs people to kill other people and Catholics killed & persecuted people of other faiths for centuries (diminished power was the primary reason they stopped). Do nuns believe people should persecute people from other faiths? Am I the villain?

My problem with Feminists is the mixed messages they send. I find some humor in the irrational messages, but annoyance does provoke some of my humor (and occasional rant). The charm of the Ten Commandments is the simplicity. If Feminists write their concerns in a simple respectful manner; then this inferior male,  as they often imply, will act more as friend than nemesis. Many do not realize Feminists have many different ideologies, which would render even a brainwashed Superman incapable of compliance. Am I a villain for making such an observation about Feminism?

Nemesis (the goddess) is related to Lady Justice and they are balance goddesses. Most do not recognize them as Trickster archetypes, but one primary feature of Tricksters is balance. Nemesis interests me because balance features in this present chapter in rewrite. I have another reason, for another post, but my main point is how your nemesis can play the role of friend. Nemesis sees good and evil as relative People persecuting heretics may see themselves as serving the greater good, but are they?

Finally a Thought Snuck Through

PhotoFunia Books Regular 2014-08-23 10 42 08

I don’t consider what I go through as writer’s block. I go through hot and cold streaks in everything that I do. I wish my last hot streak lasted longer because I didn’t have enough in this rewrite to bother editing. Moving away from the chapter also seemed unwise. One small sentence popped into my head and now I can proceed until I hit the wall again. I wish the whole chapter falls into place, but I the this chapter is my most difficult. I see too many pieces in this complex puzzle.

“Sometimes your nemesis is your friend,” is the sentence which unstuck me. Nemesis is a goddess related to Lady Justice and she’s been on my mind for a while. I saw her, but she wore too thick a veil. I prefer a veil, I can see through. Now I see London, I see France, I see Lady Justice in her underpants.

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Beheading like a Catholic


The recent beheading by Muslims is upsetting but the Vatican had a guillotine until about 1870. Pope Leo XIII was still raving about American heresy in the twentieth century Catholics now have much political power here and many seem happy to stay faithful to this horrid hate group. Will this Muslim beheader become grandfather to a child which rises to political power in the US?

Sorry, I want off this subject but I never want to see an American politician or analyst showing great pride in their historically horrid religion. Throw out the Church of England and the Protestants look somewhat decent; not perfect, but I don’t believe any Protestants believe in heresy. English Protestants probably were bad, but the ones that came to America tried to be fair. Would Jews or Catholics have such political power if Protestants were heavily working against them? No.

There is reason why Catholics were not loved in America. Because Catholics persecuted Protestants. My Catholic ancestors must have been nice, so the Protestants must have thought allowing more in would not be a problem. My Protestant ancestor might no have been so welcoming if they knew how Catholics would take over political control. What does it say about America when one of the oldest and largest hate groups have such a large political face. If Catholics seemed a little bit embarrassed about their past, I might not feel so bad. When ever the Pope speaks on this beheading; he should begin with an apology acknowledge the Vatican’s despicable history.

Catholics beheaded Jean Ribault and his men in Florida and this killing for god is a primary theme in my book.  I can see myself descended from all the factions in Florida; at the time, which include the natives and the African slaves brought here by the Spanish Catholic conquistadors and their Inquisitional priests.

I just wish this mood would go away, but even if I don’t focus on the news; it still seems to find me.

The Deviant Virgins


Virgin worship, which occurred in many Pagan religions and continues with the focus on the Virgin Mary, has caused many to use a hole slightly above the other. Many Catholic countries had incidence of anal sex due to this virginity protection method. The US is more marketing driven and Tristan Taormino (above) is one of the women who have tried to take the practice mainstream. It is a higher risk activity, so  this drive toward mainstream may cause problems.

I’m sorry, if I find it a bit humorous how religion has caused many to take an alternate course to intercourse. Keeping priest from marrying probably does not cause pedophilia, but the ratio does get affected due to many with more appropriate sexual desires steering away from priesthood.

This chapter in rewrite is about sacrifice and virgins fit well within this theme. Tristan Taormino is Thomas Pynchon’s niece If I do have some similarity to Pynchon. I don’t deviate much from elements in my book.This topic also runs parallel to the fertility cult theme; definitely the wrong hole for fertility purpose, though.

The Way of Ways

Hillebrand Steve U.S-horz

Left with one way; you may find yourself in a jam with no way to opt out. Yes, some of those paths you take from the crossroads will wind you up in nowhere and your “coin toss decision making” gets more complicated. Every way is difficult, the one way option just looks simple. The crossroads picture on the left can symbolize liberal politics or the many types of Protestant religion. Catholicism was designed as a one way institution. Rabid Catholics look foolish on the left side of politics In reality many people on the left wing of politics clamor for one way – their way. They care about one issue. They care about their particular in-group.

This topic bugs me because most people are ignorant in history and think in simple stereotypes even when they bash people about stereotyping. Do Jews favor Jews and discriminate on that basis while denouncing Anti-Semitic talk? I seem myself Agnostic and misanthropic because people are people and want others to see only their way but I see problems with every way. This group dynamics issue leaves me bummed. I want to capture it in words, but I still feel more inept than adept at this word weaving game. I’m no politician; I don’t spin to spin. I’m just a possum at the crossroads, getting run over by everyone as the travel their one way streets.

Last post on this topic for a while, I need to move to something more fun. Sex is fun. Now to choose a hole.