Hillebrand Steve U.S-horz

Left with one way; you may find yourself in a jam with no way to opt out. Yes, some of those paths you take from the crossroads will wind you up in nowhere and your “coin toss decision making” gets more complicated. Every way is difficult, the one way option just looks simple. The crossroads picture on the left can symbolize liberal politics or the many types of Protestant religion. Catholicism was designed as a one way institution. Rabid Catholics look foolish on the left side of politics In reality many people on the left wing of politics clamor for one way – their way. They care about one issue. They care about their particular in-group.

This topic bugs me because most people are ignorant in history and think in simple stereotypes even when they bash people about stereotyping. Do Jews favor Jews and discriminate on that basis while denouncing Anti-Semitic talk? I seem myself Agnostic and misanthropic because people are people and want others to see only their way but I see problems with every way. This group dynamics issue leaves me bummed. I want to capture it in words, but I still feel more inept than adept at this word weaving game. I’m no politician; I don’t spin to spin. I’m just a possum at the crossroads, getting run over by everyone as the travel their one way streets.

Last post on this topic for a while, I need to move to something more fun. Sex is fun. Now to choose a hole.


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