Virgin worship, which occurred in many Pagan religions and continues with the focus on the Virgin Mary, has caused many to use a hole slightly above the other. Many Catholic countries had incidence of anal sex due to this virginity protection method. The US is more marketing driven and Tristan Taormino (above) is one of the women who have tried to take the practice mainstream. It is a higher risk activity, so  this drive toward mainstream may cause problems.

I’m sorry, if I find it a bit humorous how religion has caused many to take an alternate course to intercourse. Keeping priest from marrying probably does not cause pedophilia, but the ratio does get affected due to many with more appropriate sexual desires steering away from priesthood.

This chapter in rewrite is about sacrifice and virgins fit well within this theme. Tristan Taormino is Thomas Pynchon’s niece If I do have some similarity to Pynchon. I don’t deviate much from elements in my book.This topic also runs parallel to the fertility cult theme; definitely the wrong hole for fertility purpose, though.


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