The recent beheading by Muslims is upsetting but the Vatican had a guillotine until about 1870. Pope Leo XIII was still raving about American heresy in the twentieth century Catholics now have much political power here and many seem happy to stay faithful to this horrid hate group. Will this Muslim beheader become grandfather to a child which rises to political power in the US?

Sorry, I want off this subject but I never want to see an American politician or analyst showing great pride in their historically horrid religion. Throw out the Church of England and the Protestants look somewhat decent; not perfect, but I don’t believe any Protestants believe in heresy. English Protestants probably were bad, but the ones that came to America tried to be fair. Would Jews or Catholics have such political power if Protestants were heavily working against them? No.

There is reason why Catholics were not loved in America. Because Catholics persecuted Protestants. My Catholic ancestors must have been nice, so the Protestants must have thought allowing more in would not be a problem. My Protestant ancestor might no have been so welcoming if they knew how Catholics would take over political control. What does it say about America when one of the oldest and largest hate groups have such a large political face. If Catholics seemed a little bit embarrassed about their past, I might not feel so bad. When ever the Pope speaks on this beheading; he should begin with an apology acknowledge the Vatican’s despicable history.

Catholics beheaded Jean Ribault and his men in Florida and this killing for god is a primary theme in my book.  I can see myself descended from all the factions in Florida; at the time, which include the natives and the African slaves brought here by the Spanish Catholic conquistadors and their Inquisitional priests.

I just wish this mood would go away, but even if I don’t focus on the news; it still seems to find me.


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