FEMEN protest Ministry of Justice - France by Joseph Paris

Femen (the topless activists) hate Catholics. I’m not sure whether the nun knew this fact, but I’m sure this coincidental meeting between contrasting ideologies gave the photographer (Joseph Paris) a big smile, as well. Part of the story is told in an article written by Eleanor Beardsley :

With Topless Protests, ‘Sextremists’ March In Paris
Originally published on Fri October 19, 2012 4:12 pm

I’m sure Sister Marie Veronique agrees with some issues raised by Femen, as do I. Many may see some of my posts and see me as hating both Feminists and Catholics, but truth often comes with a complex story. I don’t believe a god (or goddess, if you prefer) needs people to kill other people and Catholics killed & persecuted people of other faiths for centuries (diminished power was the primary reason they stopped). Do nuns believe people should persecute people from other faiths? Am I the villain?

My problem with Feminists is the mixed messages they send. I find some humor in the irrational messages, but annoyance does provoke some of my humor (and occasional rant). The charm of the Ten Commandments is the simplicity. If Feminists write their concerns in a simple respectful manner; then this inferior male,  as they often imply, will act more as friend than nemesis. Many do not realize Feminists have many different ideologies, which would render even a brainwashed Superman incapable of compliance. Am I a villain for making such an observation about Feminism?

Nemesis (the goddess) is related to Lady Justice and they are balance goddesses. Most do not recognize them as Trickster archetypes, but one primary feature of Tricksters is balance. Nemesis interests me because balance features in this present chapter in rewrite. I have another reason, for another post, but my main point is how your nemesis can play the role of friend. Nemesis sees good and evil as relative People persecuting heretics may see themselves as serving the greater good, but are they?


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