Parabiago plate2

Chaos rules in mythology. Deities change names and shuffle properties with each era and region.  Nemesis, the goddess, is also part Lady Justice and Fortuna plus she is ascribed as mother of the Telchines, who are also the Cabeiri. You will also have people like me telling you that Hephaestus is a water deity and no one with some knowledge about Greek mythology will say such a thing but people willing to take another look may see my point. Where did Hephaestus grow up?

You will not find Nemesis on the Parabiago plate but change a few symbol changes can make her fit. The Karpoi (the fruit) or what other names they may go by fall in the Little People who do all the work category. The Karpoi on the Parabiago plate are obviously agricultural deities. Use metallurgy symbols instead and they will move into the Telchine and Cabeiri territory. Tartarus was the Telchine father and Nemesis’ lover; he is also shares underworld deity status with Dis Pater.

I typed in “Rich Father” with blue font because that is what Dis Pater translates to. I also typed in, “The Riches” because foodstuffs, metals and minerals fall under the riches of the earth.Change symbols of the lovers on the lower left portion of the plate and you will also change the appropriate identity of those Little people. Oceanus still fits but Nyx (night) is most often described as the mother. Using Hephaestus in place of Oceanus and pair him with Cabeiro  gives you a match that gave birth to the Cabeiri. The Hephaestus, as a water deity becomes a better fit. Hephaestus, the Cabeiri, and the Telchines share blacksmith tongs as a symbol which also links all three to the crab.

Now lets use the zodiac. Virgo (the virgin) + Libra (the scales) = Nemesis (Lady Justice)

The crab (or crayfish) is Cancer

My point being that these are symbols older than Greek mythology; they dip into the Babylonian era. These are very old symbols and were associated with the most significant gods. You may never have heard of the Cabeiri, but they one had major significance. Nemesis makes for a nice match with Innana. I haven’t even gone into the Leda and the Helen of Troy links in these mythologies. I’m probably going to need presentation software to get people to see some of the things I see and use in my novel For another day.

Side note: Good for Miley Cyrus to use her celebrity status on something important.


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