Mother Nature appears to have a vengeance goddess in her employ. Hamilton Disston messed with Everglades and we have spent a lot of money trying to appease Mother nature, ever since. The Dis in Disston fits well as a Dis Pater allusion.

From Mother Nature to Human Nature:

Nemesis went after both Narcissus and Echo

Social activists need more awareness to the dangers of trying to manipulate human nature to their design. I made an attempt to communicate this to a Feminist activist. I doubt my point got through. I’m an intuitive feeler (an INFP) many Feminists don’t seem to understand a guy can do such a thing. I feel too much social imbalance in the world because people are trying to bend human nature to their will. Feminists appear to think present conditions favor White men, Miley Cyrus showed us what many of us knew; many White guys are not doing too well. Watch out Echo. Nemesis does not discriminate on gender.

Everyone wants to fight for their own in-group Many groups split in ideology but either don’t realize it or are to stubborn to split; I don’t know if Feminists are stubborn or deaf but I hear very opposite messages’ from different claimants of the Feminist cause.


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