I’m not sure Camille Paglia and Ariel Levy agree on much, but I suspect they agree Feminism has turned into a joke (Or their master plan is working beautifully). Paglia is so gay she is a guy. She’s interesting. I always tried to respect women, the Feminists movement just makes my eyes roll. I can understand why middle-aged or older women don’t understand some of the latest views, but my last investigation into a younger woman’s mind left me even more baffled.

I’m not judging women on their type of views, but I never want to try to explain the different views to another woman bragging about being a Feminist.  I originally just wanted to understand which group might win the war between Feminist groups. I need to give up, because, my understanding of women has reached a new low. Is the master plan to drive men crazy? I had a short enough walk, don’t brag too much about taking me down.