I’m not sure Camille Paglia and Ariel Levy agree on much, but I suspect they agree Feminism has turned into a joke (Or their master plan is working beautifully). Paglia is so gay she is a guy. She’s interesting. I always tried to respect women, the Feminists movement just makes my eyes roll. I can understand why middle-aged or older women don’t understand some of the latest views, but my last investigation into a younger woman’s mind left me even more baffled.

I’m not judging women on their type of views, but I never want to try to explain the different views to another woman bragging about being a Feminist.  I originally just wanted to understand which group might win the war between Feminist groups. I need to give up, because, my understanding of women has reached a new low. Is the master plan to drive men crazy? I had a short enough walk, don’t brag too much about taking me down.


7 thoughts on “Land of Lost Feminism

  1. LOL. You will never understand. As a woman, I don’t. Thank God my daughter isn’t a rabid feminist. In the 19th century most women thought the feminists were crazy and disgusting–women thought this. While most women did see the need for certain reforms they prided themselves on their position in life. I wonder if the same isn’t true today except we have the ability to see the most insane versions of feminists in the media. Also I think a lot of women don’t really think through what feminism hasn’t gotten them. There’s still abuse, poverty and unhappy women.


    1. I can understand you. I went into this girl’s head and I got tor apart by the vacuum in space. Talking to a woman is “foot in mouth” territory for me right now. I type in a sentence then rip it out. When and if my mind heals enough to converse there is something I want to explore, but it is deep in “foot in mouth” territory.


      1. I sort of put my foot in mouth with the first line in my reply. I gather you are a former liberal Feminist and already knew what I’m just figuring out — it is worse than I imagined. I now see why you prefer the term morals over ethics. The girl could not make an ethical choice because she didn’t even see the choicea.


      2. Can’t wait to know what it is 🙂 remember that not all women really believe a lot of the garbage and some just go with the flow, not really understanding that life is tough for both men and women except for the very, very few.


      3. A post request is probably the best way to handle this subject. you may find something of value for your work. If you tell me an era and region you prefer, I will even find someone. A Miss Kitty type character to explore the sexual values of yesteryear is my request.
        In the Navy, you don’t have a lot of time for a relationship. In Virginia, they only had bikini bars and I paid to stare at a woman in a two piece. You can get in trouble on the beach if you leer too much. My annoyance with the young Feminist was her lack of thought on any issue. I can see why a woman might feel ashamed for being duped by the “Girls Gone Wild” guys but I see that as the biggest crime. Is flashing your breast to bring a smile to guy that big a deal, as long as it is your choice?


      4. I think most women/girls really want relationships and fool themselves when they act as if they’re fine with casual sex. Some women would accuse me of being sexist here.

        Women even in the Victorian age liked attention from guys and accented their cleavage and butts. The problem with girls who go wild is in general they regret it and feel hurt and blame guys when it’s only them hurting themselves.

        A friend of our just graduated the Naval Academy and he talked about the female cadets and how if they got drunk and acted promiscuous they’d blame they’re behavior on guys. So stupid.


  2. The dating scene did change with Feminism. I’m not sure if men are designed to shop blind, but even single guys get guilt tripped about looking by the objectification stuff. I often felt like I had to speed read a regular woman or slow read a stripper. I get lost in thought, so staring can just happen. An introverted guy doesn’t have much choice but to look at feet.


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