11 April 2010 Sasha Shevchenko striking a pose at Maydan to present new FEMEN logo and style 2 years of FEMEN logo form famousRussian Designer Artemiy Lebedev plus world fame

Are these breasts behind some of the (extremist) Muslim hate of America and other Western world countries? Social change is difficult and complicated. Older generations of Feminists have to look with horror at some of what they unleashed. I prefer giving people the right to make an ethical choice, but one must see the choices or this right goes wrong.

Femen goes to war with Catholics, Muslims, and Putin.I see Femen’s good points. I only want clearer messages and calmer minds My mind struggles to keep calm these days. I see a lot of blind leading the blind.

As a guy, I love what I see. Female breasts make my mind smile. Camille Paglia admits seeing women as sex objects. I believe she will see it as more necessary for most men to see those two objects and think – sex. Do we need some self-control? Yes. Do women need to curb the sexiness of their fashion choices? People of both genders disagree on this question.

Sasha Shevchenko (owner of the breasts above) knows what attracts attention to her cause and the reason they attract attention is because they are sex objects. They are her weapons. Posting a penis seems more silly because even women who like a good penis have less desire to see a picture. Men are different. There are never enough breasts to explore. Camille Paglia and many more lesbians would agree with men. I can’t say whether gay guys or women love the penis more; If I had to wager, I would probably place my bet on gay men. For straight men that is a somewhat depressing thought.

I almost always have more questions than answers. I do know one thing – you need to see the issues to make an ethical choice. I did not plan to make Feminism an issue in my book, but it became clear that the Feminist and religious issues often for and against each other. Most will see the Helen of Troy reference in my title, but sometimes I wonder if most see anyone but Narcissus and hear only Echo. Me – I only see Chaos. I rather see Elpis.


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