2 Ways to Fly High

The Flying Wallendas Burrito Brothers

I’m just guessing that the Flying Burrito Brothers (bottom) spent a lot of time flying high. Gram died from a morphine overdose. The Flying Wallendas (top) probably need to their senses clear. Both groups are associated with Florida, so I will refer to both, in my book.

Balance is a theme in this chapter, so the Wallendas fit. My main character has to do a tightrope type walk. The slight similarity in names makes The Flying Burrito Brothers fit.

Gram Parsons founded the band and they were more influential than popular.

“7pyramide” by Original uploader was Porterlu at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Liftarn using CommonsHelper.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:7pyramide.jpg#mediaviewer/File:7pyramide.jpg

“The Flying Burrito Brothers” by A&M Records – Billboard, page 7, 24 July 1971. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Flying_Burrito_Brothers.png#mediaviewer/File:The_Flying_Burrito_Brothers.png


The Bundy Family of Florida

Amanda Bearse Marcy D'Arcy-TERI WEIGEL-vert

The creators of the TV show, Married with Children, chose the name Bundy before the serial killer, Ted Bundy, made headlines. I make allusions to people linked to Florida and I make use of the coincidence in having the same name.

Amanda Bearse (Marcy D’Arcy on the show) was born in Winter Park Florida (top left).

Teri Weigel, the first Playboy playmate to do porn, did four episodes and comes from Palm City, Florida (top right).

I’m not sure how I will create allusions to Bearse and Wiegel, but I will give due consideration. Bearse’s Fright Night role may work. Wiegel isn’t a Mensa member, but her placement on this cover may be a key. This magazine had two Mensa members from Florida and a Miami Vice article, so it was very Florida.

The mythical town (Dumpwater, Florida) visited by the Bundy, in season 2, is rumored to exist.

A Queer Queer

Anthony Perkins from the Trailer The Tin Star (1957)-vert

I’m not sure how socially acceptable my title is, but this a deviation from a deviation story. Anthony Perkins only slept with men until the age of 39 then Victoria Principal, she managed to turn him bi.

Perkins married a woman (Berinthia “Berry” Berenson died on 9/11, American Airlines Flight 11) and had two sons after Principal; straightened him out. Perkins went to High School and community college in Miami; Perkins went to another Florida school, Rollins College. The regional connection gives me reason to allude to them. I planned to allude to Larry Hagman (J. R. and his Major Nelson characters both fit) in this chapter, so his Dallas cast mate, Victoria Principal, may find herself in this chapter, too.

American Psycho’s narcissism fits better, in this chapter, than Psycho but Perkins also starred in  Le glaive et la balance (The Sword and the Balance); which fits like Kismet to the hand of fate. Principal has a name I can cheat with, if need be. For the Psycho actor, I will use the Perkins Opera House. Opera plays a part in the previous chapter, so I have a tie in with the theater.

The theater in Monticello, Florida is interesting; John H. Perkins built the Perkins Block, in 1890. It held a general store, a sewing machine shop, a hardware store and a farming supply store. Perkins also sold horses, mules and wagons, in his stable out back. The second floor opera house was the largest stage in the region. Perkins put much thought in the acoustics of the opera house. I may place the nymph outside, opera houses don’t care much for echo.

I doubt there is a close relationship between Anthony and John H. Perkins, but it will do for allusion purpose.

Bloody Playmates in Florida


Alfred Hitchcock created the recipe with the shower scene in Psycho; Herschell Gordon Lewis copied; more masters of gore followed. Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs! and Color Me Blood Red form the Lewis’ “Blood Trilogy.” Two  Playboy playmates (Connie Mason and Ashlyn Martin) provided the titillation in the Miami movie – Blood Feast. Mason returned for the St. Cloud — Two Thousand Maniacs! Lewis didn’t score any playmates for his Sarasota movie, Color Me Blood Red, but he still found quality bodies to paint red.

I mentioned Allison Louise Downe, in another post; she wrote Blood Feast. I suspect I will have some Bunny references in this chapter, I’m working on. The Ishtar and the human sacrifice theme, in Blood Feat, goes well with this chapter.

Backstreet Grifter

Lou-pearlman-Backstreet Boys

Con men fall under the unprincipled narcissist category. Lou Pealman ran a Ponzi scheme and launched the careers of Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, O-Town, and the lesser known girl group, Innosense (Britney Spears was an original member).

My present chapter in rewrite has narcissism as a partial theme. Pearlman may deserve an allusion due to his Florida link and his crime. I may have a crowding problem in this chapter, so he is a maybe.

Question of Mary


Freaking more Kismet. While writing this post I looked up Mary Woronov’s filmography and what drew my attention was not her work with Andy Warhol or Roger Corman; not her nude scenes or her cult queen status; it was her last film appearance in the movie Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader. I was debating whether to allude to her but this coincidence earned her a footnote in my novel.-

Woronov’s birth in Florida gave me reason to allude to her and she has an interesting resume as an actress, artist and writer. Art inspired elements of this chapter so her Warhol link made her a decent fit even without the 50 foot cheerleader role. Her website says, she and Jim Morrison were born on the same day and year, 12-18-43 but it fails to mention they were both born in Florida to military families. And I agree with the site ; those photo booth shots show she has knockout status.

Image credits:  Chelseagirlsposter” by http://www.allaboutjazz.com/jazzposters/c2/18192~chelseagirls~10280487.html. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Chelsea Girls via Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chelseagirlsposter.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Chelseagirlsposter.jpg

“Mary Woronov by David Shankbone” by David Shankbone – David Shankbone. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 via Wikimedia Commonshttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mary_Woronov_by_David_Shankbone.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Mary_Woronov_by_David_Shankbone.jpg

Faces of Fanaticism


The Fort Hood shooter (Hasan_Nidal) was a psychiatrist. Yes, he is also a Muslim but I ask who evaluates sanity? Tom Cruise and Scientology hates psychiatry. I have a mental heath issue and I often see Tom Cruise’s point. I have no idea if anyone comes away from a psychiatrist with a healthier mind, maybe Tom Cruise is right. Our military may see Nidal as the model psychiatrist. The military plays with brains from the start of boot camp. Different jobs require different training and they should realize different jobs need different mental makeup. The “one size fits all” boot camp seems strange when it was designed primarily for foot soldiers.

Psychiatrists may be the great evil, but maybe the great evil comes from religion as an atheist might say. Communism leaned toward atheism and that did not go so well. I recently read an article priests blessing cars in Belgium and I wonder just how crazy are these people. A priest is a man who chose a profession. Protestant isn’t a religion and many do not convey superpowers to some man in costume. You can’t prove or disprove god and you can’t irradiate religion; atheists prove their insanity by making the attempt. Bill Maher comes from with Catholic roots and the stupid idiot moron said:

“there is something different about Islam, in that “there is no other religion that is asking for the death” of people who dare to criticize it.”

Yes, it may be the only present religion, but Protestants stopped the Catholic insanity (and atheists may even fit under some definitions of Protestant because Protestant is not a religion, it began as a protest against Catholicism and Catholicism meant kill and torture people not Catholic). Be whatever Bill Maher’s ancestors or be slain by a witless idiot.

I mentioned how atheist in Albania tortured and killed Catholics, in my last post. Atheism is a theism just like a religion. An agnostic does not fit as well under the theism, does admitting you don’t know make you a theist. It is no theory that I don’t know; I know I don’t know; it is one of the things, I know.

I’m not even sure what and who in this post may be alluded to in this present chapter in rewrite. These people do not fit my regional theme, but narcissism and fanaticism applies to all.

Gotta Love Those Fans


In Albania, Atheist fanatics pulled a change, they tortured and killed the Catholics Most religious fanatics (Catholics of the Inquisition) kill for god, so the atheists get points for less hypocrisy. I’m sure god can kill without the hands of men. The chapter I decided to change dealt with sports fanatics, but I have decided to do something more.

Wesley Snipes comes from Orlando and I may allude to him in this rewrite. The picture on the right fits my chapter better than, The Fan, starring Snipes and Robert De Niro but I’ll make do.

Narcissism has taken over as this chapters theme, but narcissists love and hate their fans. The fans also suffer from narcissism., they seem to think what or who they worship makes them better than people worship something or someone else; a very odd but common thought process.

Snipes also played Blade and the vampire theme fits something in my previous chapter.

Hey Johnny, open a cabaret for me


They say, it never hurts to ask. Poets and artists began hanging out at the Cabaret Voltaire, in the World War I era. The name, “Cabaret Voltaire,” fits well in my novel. I prefer to use people and things from Florida, but the club is in Zurich, Switzerland. Johnny Depp grew up in Florida and I figure he might like the idea of such a club in his old stomping grounds. Depp likes the unusual and this club thrived on such an atmosphere.

Depp just fits my novel in many ways. I use a Depp fanatic to help worm in other allusions. Don Juan Demarco fits this present chapter perfectly. The original Don Juan fit the narcissist archetype and this chapter is Narcissus inspired. Depp’s character probably better fits my fanaticism theme. Fanatics can limit themselves to harmless and even endearing endeavors. Others are more dangerous, probably the subject of my next post.

Faye Dunaway, a Florida native, also stars in the movie. Depp and Dunaway also did the video for Tom Petty’s video for the, “Great Wide Open.” I’ll take the favor from Dunaway or Petty, too. I suspect I will use the club’s name anyway because I use an allusion to Voltaire’s Candide.

I’ve rewritten this chapter many times, but maybe this new idea will stick. I started using Depp due to his Huguenot heritage. Many Huguenot’s settled in Switzerland, I need to keep this in mind; it may be of some use. The art movement called, Dada, began at the Cabaret Voltaire and like I mention in my last post; it gave foundation to Salvador Dali’s surrealism. I believe Depp is a fan.

The club in operation in today may differ from the anarchist rule of the original, but they probably saved a few elements of style.

My Goddess of Perspective


Susan Harrison plays the ballerina in this Twilight Zone episode (Five Characters in Search of an Exit) – it is all about perspective. The artistic nature of my present chapter makes this a good fit. I think the styling fits the Dada movement; a predecessor to the surrealism style of Dali. — Dada is existential and oft times minimalistic.

At present, I plan to have a ballerina grouped with four other characters – the ballerina will allude to Harrison and this episode. She gives me a regional match because she comes from Leesburg, Florida. I may use a “Dark Star” reference (name of the Bonanza episode with Michael Landon).

The Dada movement offers me something else, probably my next post.