ElleMacpherson KateFischer PortiaDeRossi- Sirens

The image comes from the movie Sirens. Getting too uptight about sex takes away some of the pleasure of life, in the movie an Anglican minister and his wife get loosened up by an artist and his muses.

An artist such as this uses the models as a place holder as he works on details. I often use images as memory devices. Myth plays a part in my novel; this image can bookmark muses, sirens, or something else The rebalancing of the preacher and his wife is the main reason for this bookmark.

The sirens remind the preacher’s wife that men do seek pleasure from women. I’m not positive this bookmark will factor in my novel, but I am sure it connects to the sexual object issue. The movie has one note of depth, but they needed many notes of aesthetics to score it to movie length.

The first two, in the list below, are the primary characters (not shown)

The last five are pictured