Many may mistake this scene as a lesbian initiation ceremony (and it may have been for Portia de Rossi), but enhancing the monogamous heterosexual relationship between man and woman is what the movie is about. The sirens gift sensuality to the preacher’s wife. You can easily see the Christian elements; baptism in a crucifixion position, but those lily pads have cross-cultural religious significance.

This scene depicts nymphs not sirens, but the name matters much less than the symbolism. Lily pads link to frogs and Heqet, the Egyptian fertility goddess. The frog prince fairy tale is a metamorphosis tale and isn’t that what happens in this movie. The water lily and the lotus also have links to fertility and this scene.

I write about a fertility cult, so this scene interests me. I may decide to allude to it. Something about Hapy the Nile’s crocodile and a passage about a lotus tree in the Book of Job crosses my mind. Maybe they imagined lily pads and water lilies dropping from a “tree of life.”  Just a thought, I may need to explore. Hapy has frog attendants and could be classified as a behemoth. Round and round my head goes, just like the cycle of life.


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