Dorothy Allison helped create the Lesbian Sex Mafia. Lesbians in bondage games, oh my! What consenting adults do, matters little, as long as safety is the operative word. Dorothy Allison is or was a leading feminist voice on the “pro-sex” side. She may not have sex with men, but she does not appear man hating. Allison survived sexual abuse and writes about the subject, I show one such book (Bastard out of Carolina). Ray Rice has made abuse a hot topic this week. Even Muslim extremists have to share air time.

Maybe Muslim extremists see the Western World as Sodom and Gomorrah. Liberal Feminists attack right wingers who often act as guard against the even more conservative ideologies. I hate both parties, so don’t read this as support for one side. I try to be an equal opportunity mocker. Blind groupism bugs me. When people just parrot ideologies rather than trying to communicate, bugs me.

Some elements of feminist rhetoric may be backfiring and causing more abuse. Is feminism erasing the “don’t hit women,” message? Animals don’t like humans getting in their face. Men also have codes of behavior. Animals can get along with people and women can get along with men, but some understanding must happen. Groups need to do a better job of communication.

I look for people with Florida connections and some type of iconic status. Allison isn’t super famous outside a few circles. I can see how her childhood experience can make her prefer women. From what I gather BDSM is much like a trust exercise. I have gripes with feminism, but I have none directed at Allison. If I allude to her in my book, I hope people do not read me wrong.


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