They say, it never hurts to ask. Poets and artists began hanging out at the Cabaret Voltaire, in the World War I era. The name, “Cabaret Voltaire,” fits well in my novel. I prefer to use people and things from Florida, but the club is in Zurich, Switzerland. Johnny Depp grew up in Florida and I figure he might like the idea of such a club in his old stomping grounds. Depp likes the unusual and this club thrived on such an atmosphere.

Depp just fits my novel in many ways. I use a Depp fanatic to help worm in other allusions. Don Juan Demarco fits this present chapter perfectly. The original Don Juan fit the narcissist archetype and this chapter is Narcissus inspired. Depp’s character probably better fits my fanaticism theme. Fanatics can limit themselves to harmless and even endearing endeavors. Others are more dangerous, probably the subject of my next post.

Faye Dunaway, a Florida native, also stars in the movie. Depp and Dunaway also did the video for Tom Petty’s video for the, “Great Wide Open.” I’ll take the favor from Dunaway or Petty, too. I suspect I will use the club’s name anyway because I use an allusion to Voltaire’s Candide.

I’ve rewritten this chapter many times, but maybe this new idea will stick. I started using Depp due to his Huguenot heritage. Many Huguenot’s settled in Switzerland, I need to keep this in mind; it may be of some use. The art movement called, Dada, began at the Cabaret Voltaire and like I mention in my last post; it gave foundation to Salvador Dali’s surrealism. I believe Depp is a fan.

The club in operation in today may differ from the anarchist rule of the original, but they probably saved a few elements of style.


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