In Albania, Atheist fanatics pulled a change, they tortured and killed the Catholics Most religious fanatics (Catholics of the Inquisition) kill for god, so the atheists get points for less hypocrisy. I’m sure god can kill without the hands of men. The chapter I decided to change dealt with sports fanatics, but I have decided to do something more.

Wesley Snipes comes from Orlando and I may allude to him in this rewrite. The picture on the right fits my chapter better than, The Fan, starring Snipes and Robert De Niro but I’ll make do.

Narcissism has taken over as this chapters theme, but narcissists love and hate their fans. The fans also suffer from narcissism., they seem to think what or who they worship makes them better than people worship something or someone else; a very odd but common thought process.

Snipes also played Blade and the vampire theme fits something in my previous chapter.