The Fort Hood shooter (Hasan_Nidal) was a psychiatrist. Yes, he is also a Muslim but I ask who evaluates sanity? Tom Cruise and Scientology hates psychiatry. I have a mental heath issue and I often see Tom Cruise’s point. I have no idea if anyone comes away from a psychiatrist with a healthier mind, maybe Tom Cruise is right. Our military may see Nidal as the model psychiatrist. The military plays with brains from the start of boot camp. Different jobs require different training and they should realize different jobs need different mental makeup. The “one size fits all” boot camp seems strange when it was designed primarily for foot soldiers.

Psychiatrists may be the great evil, but maybe the great evil comes from religion as an atheist might say. Communism leaned toward atheism and that did not go so well. I recently read an article priests blessing cars in Belgium and I wonder just how crazy are these people. A priest is a man who chose a profession. Protestant isn’t a religion and many do not convey superpowers to some man in costume. You can’t prove or disprove god and you can’t irradiate religion; atheists prove their insanity by making the attempt. Bill Maher comes from with Catholic roots and the stupid idiot moron said:

“there is something different about Islam, in that “there is no other religion that is asking for the death” of people who dare to criticize it.”

Yes, it may be the only present religion, but Protestants stopped the Catholic insanity (and atheists may even fit under some definitions of Protestant because Protestant is not a religion, it began as a protest against Catholicism and Catholicism meant kill and torture people not Catholic). Be whatever Bill Maher’s ancestors or be slain by a witless idiot.

I mentioned how atheist in Albania tortured and killed Catholics, in my last post. Atheism is a theism just like a religion. An agnostic does not fit as well under the theism, does admitting you don’t know make you a theist. It is no theory that I don’t know; I know I don’t know; it is one of the things, I know.

I’m not even sure what and who in this post may be alluded to in this present chapter in rewrite. These people do not fit my regional theme, but narcissism and fanaticism applies to all.


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