Anthony Perkins from the Trailer The Tin Star (1957)-vert

I’m not sure how socially acceptable my title is, but this a deviation from a deviation story. Anthony Perkins only slept with men until the age of 39 then Victoria Principal, she managed to turn him bi.

Perkins married a woman (Berinthia “Berry” Berenson died on 9/11, American Airlines Flight 11) and had two sons after Principal; straightened him out. Perkins went to High School and community college in Miami; Perkins went to another Florida school, Rollins College. The regional connection gives me reason to allude to them. I planned to allude to Larry Hagman (J. R. and his Major Nelson characters both fit) in this chapter, so his Dallas cast mate, Victoria Principal, may find herself in this chapter, too.

American Psycho’s narcissism fits better, in this chapter, than Psycho but Perkins also starred in  Le glaive et la balance (The Sword and the Balance); which fits like Kismet to the hand of fate. Principal has a name I can cheat with, if need be. For the Psycho actor, I will use the Perkins Opera House. Opera plays a part in the previous chapter, so I have a tie in with the theater.

The theater in Monticello, Florida is interesting; John H. Perkins built the Perkins Block, in 1890. It held a general store, a sewing machine shop, a hardware store and a farming supply store. Perkins also sold horses, mules and wagons, in his stable out back. The second floor opera house was the largest stage in the region. Perkins put much thought in the acoustics of the opera house. I may place the nymph outside, opera houses don’t care much for echo.

I doubt there is a close relationship between Anthony and John H. Perkins, but it will do for allusion purpose.


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