Amanda Bearse Marcy D'Arcy-TERI WEIGEL-vert

The creators of the TV show, Married with Children, chose the name Bundy before the serial killer, Ted Bundy, made headlines. I make allusions to people linked to Florida and I make use of the coincidence in having the same name.

Amanda Bearse (Marcy D’Arcy on the show) was born in Winter Park Florida (top left).

Teri Weigel, the first Playboy playmate to do porn, did four episodes and comes from Palm City, Florida (top right).

I’m not sure how I will create allusions to Bearse and Wiegel, but I will give due consideration. Bearse’s Fright Night role may work. Wiegel isn’t a Mensa member, but her placement on this cover may be a key. This magazine had two Mensa members from Florida and a Miami Vice article, so it was very Florida.

The mythical town (Dumpwater, Florida) visited by the Bundy, in season 2, is rumored to exist.