Two Sides of Frankenstein


Edward Scissorhands has rather obvious connections to Frankenstein’s monster. Most can see the parallels between Depp’s character in Transcendence and Victor Frankenstein. My novel has a Johnny Depp fanatic, so allusions to his movies come often. I’m mainly interested in Frankenstein, for this chapter in rewrite. Mary Shelley’s novel has the same themes found in my present chapter.

Victor Frankenstein’s narcissism is rather easy to see; Transcendence has narcissism, too. Narcissus inspired my chapter.

The unfortunate outcomes that can come from good intent also can be seen in Shelley’s novel and my chapter. Victor sees his “life-giving” as a boon to mankind, but when his creation awakes he see a monster – a mirror of his own soul.

I was skeptical about the act of sacrifice in Shelley’s novel but Gradesaver changed my mind. My compassion for the monster blocked this theme. Yes, the monster is a killer but I see Victor as the bigger villain. Gradesaver showed me Victor chose to sacrifice the ones he loved for the rest of mankind. The main scene is when he sees the monster’s eyes when his bride awakens. Victor saw the spawning of more monsters in those eyes, so he killed his latest creation. The monster promised to take revenge on Victor’s loved ones if Victor did not deliver a mate.

I have all three themes in this chapter and these two movies have elements I use in my novel. I don’t actively analyze every movie and my Frankenstein mistake can easily happen if I don’t get challenged to look for more. I haven’t seen Transcendence, yet so I relied on reviews to tell me more than the obvious elements seen in a simple summary. Apparently a sacrifice occurs. Depp and Disney’s Pirates have obvious acts of sacrifice. Depp’s movie, The Brave, also has an obvious sacrifice.

I saw a bit of Kismet when I saw these parallels so close to Halloween. Kismet is Kismet, in itself. Luckily, I even have a loophole for things out of my novel’s timeline.

Description from Wikimedia
Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein as Frankenstein’s monster.
Date 1935
Source Dr. Macro
Author Universal Studios


Is the Road to Heaven paved with Dirty Deeds?


Samuel Johnson coined the term, “Hell is paved with good intentions.” Would the reverse, be true? I doubt it. Albert Camus pairs ignorance with good intentions in this quote, from The Plague:

“The evil that is in the world comes out of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence, if they lack understanding. One the whole, men are more good than bad; that, however, isn’t the real point. But they are more or less ignorant, and it is this that we call vice or virtue; the most incorrigible vice being that of an ignorance that fancies it knows everything and therefore claims for itself the right to kill.”

Purgatory seems more apt than hell, for the ignorant with good intent. Telemarketers, politicians, and all those who place marketing above social needs are better candidates for the Dante’s form of damnation.

I have a different style than Camus, but we seem very similar in philosophy. Ignorance teamed with good intent plays a major role in this present chapter, in rewrite. I’m trying to figure out how best to highlight this issue. I don’t see ignorance as evil unless you pair it with arrogance. Satan’s association with pride is another issue in this chapter. The trivia and the humor I use in my novel hurts my gravitas when making such points. I may just settle for a pratfall to illustrate the proverb, Pride comes before the fall

My post’s title relates to  the AC/DC songs. Dirty Deeds  Done Dirt Cheap and Highway t.o Hell. Brian Johnson has a home on Bird Key, so I have a regional reason to allude to the group. We have a state park called Tate’s Hell and a place called Hell’s Gate. People have always seen heaven and hell in Florida.

A Question of Balance


What hangs in balance? In this case, nothing sits on the scales but the pearls and the painting offer clues to meaning. The painting behind the woman depicts the Last Judgment and the pearls represented earthly riches.

I constantly weigh value as to what and who to include in my novel. The scales have symbolic meaning in this painting and my novel. I have thoughts about what to put on my scales and even nothing has meaning. Right now, a feather weighs heavily. Anubis, Egyptian mythology, weighs hearts against the Feather of Truth. I favor the feather for other reasons, but I still do not what will weigh the most at the end.

File:Johannes VermeerWoman Holding a Balance – Google Art Project.jpg

Doomed to Purgatory


Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle’s main character found himself trapped in Purgatory, in their first novel of the series (Inferno). The main character, Allen Carpenter is an agnostic science fiction writer, somewhat similar to me. Purgatory does seem like a fitting place because I sit in the middle of most issues. Politically, I’m an Independent. As a writer, I often find myself in Purgatory. I thank or blame the Muses for my ideas or the lack thereof. I’m stuck in the middle of this chapter in rewrite, but I have a beginning and an end. The Muses seem to rule Purgatory.

When I began writing my novel; I did a search to find works similar to my original idea. Niven and Pournelle borrowed from Dante’s Inferno and the theology of C S Lewis‘s The Great Divorce. I probably should read Lewis’s book because it apparently uses similar concepts.My posts to my blog fall off when I’m in a deep funk. Waiting for the Muse is frustrating, but I have no other choice.

Did I start the Ellen and Portia baby rumor?


I used the America’s most famous lesbians to make a point about sexual objectification and I basically theorized Ellen and Portia at a sperm bank, I get my news from a reader, so many headlines show up. Apparently Ellen and Portia put to rest baby rumors. Maybe my recent post just coincidentally fell in this time frame and had nothing to do with the rumor, but search engines have many strings and gossips love to jump.

If my little post fell into the celebrity news bin, it may have sparked the baby rumor. I’m not sure if I foul up Google’s algorithm’s by connecting disconnected material. I show mythology’s “Pheme,” the rumor maker. Will Pheme show up on some searches for Ellen and Portia? Add in the right keyword into your search and it might. It takes a couple of days for Google to pick up a post, but a search for the keywords Ellen, Portia, baby, and myth (instead of rumor) may casus Pheme to pop up. I’m sure other variables exist, but Fortuna’s wheel always plays a part.

I have considered alluding to Pheme in my novel. Gossip mechanisms probably had a role in how confusing mythology has become. I can only blame a Muse for how Feminists and sexual objectification became part of my novel; which became a post; which may or may not have begat a baby rumor. It is not myth or rumor that a man needs a sexual object to deliver the sperm to make delivering a baby possible. Men did not make the rules, they just obey nature. Most men get erections from thoughts of the female body. It isn’t a man’s fault a lesbian would need a man to use a sexual object when giving a sperm donation. Can a woman e a lesbian if she doesn’t see women as sex objects? Some Feminists have a problem with accepting this reality.

Description from Wikimedia

English: Sculpture of Pheme/Fama on the roof of the Dresden University of Visual Arts. It was sculpted by Robert Henze, it stands on the Brühl’s Terrace.
Date Oktober / October 2005
Source User:Brunswyk
Author User:Brunswyk

Jewish Discrimination


Florida elected the first Jewish senator to office back in the 1845. Senator David Levy Yulee did move away some from the Jewish faith due to his Christian wife. His father Moses Levy was a first cousin and business partner of Phillip Benjamin, the father of  Confederate Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin (the first Jewish senator if you hold Levy’s conversion against him.) Yes, you read that right – Confederate. People are people; Jews had slaves, Blacks had slaves, and Native Americans had slaves. People love to stereotype, but the picture of a slaveholder isn’t necessarily what your stereotyping has led you to believe.

A Jewish tenant says a Jew must not charge interest to fellow Jews, but are free to treat others differently. Sounds like discrimination. They labeled Protestants WASPs even though Protestant isn’t even a religion, just many religions lumped in as the hated WASP. I doubt these Senators would have won a popular vote if the Protestants held their Jewish roots against them. Protestant America went against Hitler. Most will accept Israel as a Jewish state. For this Protestants became WASPS. The Supreme court is held by the Protestant killers, otherwise known as Roman Catholics and Jews. Protestant religions are in fact minority religions. Bigots sit on the Supreme court of formerly Protestant America. Ninety percent of the media is controlled by six corporations an two-thirds have Jewish leadership.

I’m not trying to drive hate toward Jews, but I do hate power mongering. Who is fair to who. I’m Agnostic, but I prefer smaller faiths with less power mongering potential I pit Maya Rudolph’s photo up, because Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live used her as example of his former hiring of a Black woman; before being force to hire a Black woman last year  Yes, Rudolph would be considered half Black; her mother was Black. Rudolf’s father was Jewish just like Lorne Michaels. Did her Jewish heritage gain her favoritism? NBC went from the Jewish, David Gregory to the Jewish, Chuck Todd on Meet The Press. Charlie Sheen went of on the Jewish hierarchy of CBS. Is he right? Are Catholics just as bad? Should everyone just grab a gun and chose a side? Protestants founded what became the United States and gave freedom of Religion; Jews had a chance to win the popular vote in an election and did. Were Protestants schmucks for being fair? Is on Protestant or any other religion than a Catholic or a Jew on the Supreme court too much to ask?

Maya Rudolf and Chuck Todd come from Florida and I allude to people with Florida backgrounds in my book. Levy County was named for Yulee. I may or may not allude to these people. I began the book because I hate religious motives for war. Is it fair ask if Jews are being fair? I’m not about hate. But do Jews see Protestants as WAPS and schmucks? I’m much more sad than mad.

Parallel Images of my Mind


Apollo I has a shape close enough to the Mayan sacrificial altars that led me to draw a parallel to types of sacrifice. Mayans thought human sacrifice was for the good of man. They believed in the “sacrifice to seed.” Death brings forth more life. The men of Apollo I sacrificed their lives for the benefit of mankind. No guarantees were given that the space program would provide future benefit. When does sacrifice pay off? Is nature the nemesis or our own nature. The female figure in front represents Nemesis, the goddess.

I added images from Dali’s “Metamorphosis of Narcissus” and “Morphological Echo“ to the “Panorama atop Caracol” all from Wikimedia. The sponge from my last post also appears behind the chess board. I had a more surrealistic and modern picture in my head, but this was easier to make. I don’t have every element here and I have some scaling problems. I imagine a few things going on, off to the right. The scales of Nemesis should hove above a crowd of people, but I have too many limits to my talent.

I have thought about buying toy figures to help me situate things. The author of Fifty Shades of Grey (E. L. James) used dolls to help with the sexual positioning.  Making the image doesn’t cure my problems, but now I can just imagine the movement of pieces; where before, I had to imagine the pieces before I imagined where to move them,

A V in Pink


The callyspongia vaginalis, (branching vase sponge) does not come from California, as the name night suggest; it comes from the Florida’s Caribbean coast. Spongebob may not care this vaginalis variety. Greeks brought the sponge diving industry to Tarpon Springs, Florida. They were not the first Greeks here; the first were lumped in with the Minorcans of the “The New Smyrna Colony.” I’m one of the few who can call them foreigners.

The vaginalis goes well with my fertility theme and the artistic nature of this chapter. Every decision causes a change in my original ideas – more rewrite of my rewrite.

Wikimedia Description
English: Callyspongia vaginalis, Branching Vase Sponge – pink variation.
Date 21 March 2010
Source Own work
Author Nhobgood (talk) Nick Hobgood

The Amazing Erections of Superhead

Embed from Getty Images
Groupies have been around for a long time; the tell all books came later. Karrine Steffans is Florida’s most notorious groupie. She admits to how she earned her “Superhead” moniker. She even did the man of Steel — Shaquille O’Neal, who starred as, “Steel,” the superhero. Shaq also nicknamed himself, Superman.
Superhead chose to get passed around the hip-hop circuit and she made some money. She made the The New York Times Best Seller list with all three of her books Confessions of a Video Vixen (2005),[14] The Vixen Diaries (2007),[15] and The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep the Man You Want (2009). Steffans is the not he first to make money and achieve fame this way and I’m sure will not be the last. She complains rightfully about the misogyny in the Rap world, but wasn’t it obvious.
Feminists are right to complain about abuse, but Superhead ever say, “No.” Did she make her own choices? Did she just want the money and powerful associations?
Superhead made news and she fits my present chapter, so I suspect I will eventually allude to her. The post’s title alludes to the Adventures of Superman

The Most Influential Person in Rock and Pop Music


Crazy as it sounds, Slim Whitman may be the most influential person in music. True musical artist are very odd and find interest in less than popular sources.  Michael Jackson and the Beatles both were influenced by Slim Whitman. When two of the most popular musical acts list someone as important, then I guess Slim Whitman is something more than a movie joke (In the movie, Mars Attacks!,  they use Whitman’s  “Indian Love Call” as a weapon against alien invaders.

Whitman was born in Florida, like Gram Parsons (another “more influential than popular artist”).  Whitman record holding popularity in the UK, but did not fare so well in the US.

Echo seems to belong in this chapter (I have in rewrite) and Slim Whitman’s yodel, sort of fits with echo. I need to allude to him somewhere, so this chapter may be where he goes. I’m really looking for something else in the echo category, but nothing has stimulated my imagination. Maybe I will deter into songwriting, I got the book writing blues.

Publicity photo of singer, songwriter and musician Slim Whitman.
Date: 20 November 1968 Source: eBay item

Wil-Helm Agency (management)/photo by Fabry, Nashville