Crazy as it sounds, Slim Whitman may be the most influential person in music. True musical artist are very odd and find interest in less than popular sources.  Michael Jackson and the Beatles both were influenced by Slim Whitman. When two of the most popular musical acts list someone as important, then I guess Slim Whitman is something more than a movie joke (In the movie, Mars Attacks!,  they use Whitman’s  “Indian Love Call” as a weapon against alien invaders.

Whitman was born in Florida, like Gram Parsons (another “more influential than popular artist”).  Whitman record holding popularity in the UK, but did not fare so well in the US.

Echo seems to belong in this chapter (I have in rewrite) and Slim Whitman’s yodel, sort of fits with echo. I need to allude to him somewhere, so this chapter may be where he goes. I’m really looking for something else in the echo category, but nothing has stimulated my imagination. Maybe I will deter into songwriting, I got the book writing blues.

Publicity photo of singer, songwriter and musician Slim Whitman.
Date: 20 November 1968 Source: eBay item

Wil-Helm Agency (management)/photo by Fabry, Nashville