Apollo I has a shape close enough to the Mayan sacrificial altars that led me to draw a parallel to types of sacrifice. Mayans thought human sacrifice was for the good of man. They believed in the “sacrifice to seed.” Death brings forth more life. The men of Apollo I sacrificed their lives for the benefit of mankind. No guarantees were given that the space program would provide future benefit. When does sacrifice pay off? Is nature the nemesis or our own nature. The female figure in front represents Nemesis, the goddess.

I added images from Dali’s “Metamorphosis of Narcissus” and “Morphological Echo“ to the “Panorama atop Caracol” all from Wikimedia. The sponge from my last post also appears behind the chess board. I had a more surrealistic and modern picture in my head, but this was easier to make. I don’t have every element here and I have some scaling problems. I imagine a few things going on, off to the right. The scales of Nemesis should hove above a crowd of people, but I have too many limits to my talent.

I have thought about buying toy figures to help me situate things. The author of Fifty Shades of Grey (E. L. James) used dolls to help with the sexual positioning.  Making the image doesn’t cure my problems, but now I can just imagine the movement of pieces; where before, I had to imagine the pieces before I imagined where to move them,


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