I used the America’s most famous lesbians to make a point about sexual objectification and I basically theorized Ellen and Portia at a sperm bank, I get my news from a reader, so many headlines show up. Apparently Ellen and Portia put to rest baby rumors. Maybe my recent post just coincidentally fell in this time frame and had nothing to do with the rumor, but search engines have many strings and gossips love to jump.

If my little post fell into the celebrity news bin, it may have sparked the baby rumor. I’m not sure if I foul up Google’s algorithm’s by connecting disconnected material. I show mythology’s “Pheme,” the rumor maker. Will Pheme show up on some searches for Ellen and Portia? Add in the right keyword into your search and it might. It takes a couple of days for Google to pick up a post, but a search for the keywords Ellen, Portia, baby, and myth (instead of rumor) may casus Pheme to pop up. I’m sure other variables exist, but Fortuna’s wheel always plays a part.

I have considered alluding to Pheme in my novel. Gossip mechanisms probably had a role in how confusing mythology has become. I can only blame a Muse for how Feminists and sexual objectification became part of my novel; which became a post; which may or may not have begat a baby rumor. It is not myth or rumor that a man needs a sexual object to deliver the sperm to make delivering a baby possible. Men did not make the rules, they just obey nature. Most men get erections from thoughts of the female body. It isn’t a man’s fault a lesbian would need a man to use a sexual object when giving a sperm donation. Can a woman e a lesbian if she doesn’t see women as sex objects? Some Feminists have a problem with accepting this reality.

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English: Sculpture of Pheme/Fama on the roof of the Dresden University of Visual Arts. It was sculpted by Robert Henze, it stands on the Brühl’s Terrace.
Date Oktober / October 2005
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