Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle’s main character found himself trapped in Purgatory, in their first novel of the series (Inferno). The main character, Allen Carpenter is an agnostic science fiction writer, somewhat similar to me. Purgatory does seem like a fitting place because I sit in the middle of most issues. Politically, I’m an Independent. As a writer, I often find myself in Purgatory. I thank or blame the Muses for my ideas or the lack thereof. I’m stuck in the middle of this chapter in rewrite, but I have a beginning and an end. The Muses seem to rule Purgatory.

When I began writing my novel; I did a search to find works similar to my original idea. Niven and Pournelle borrowed from Dante’s Inferno and the theology of C S Lewis‘s The Great Divorce. I probably should read Lewis’s book because it apparently uses similar concepts.My posts to my blog fall off when I’m in a deep funk. Waiting for the Muse is frustrating, but I have no other choice.