Edward Scissorhands has rather obvious connections to Frankenstein’s monster. Most can see the parallels between Depp’s character in Transcendence and Victor Frankenstein. My novel has a Johnny Depp fanatic, so allusions to his movies come often. I’m mainly interested in Frankenstein, for this chapter in rewrite. Mary Shelley’s novel has the same themes found in my present chapter.

Victor Frankenstein’s narcissism is rather easy to see; Transcendence has narcissism, too. Narcissus inspired my chapter.

The unfortunate outcomes that can come from good intent also can be seen in Shelley’s novel and my chapter. Victor sees his “life-giving” as a boon to mankind, but when his creation awakes he see a monster – a mirror of his own soul.

I was skeptical about the act of sacrifice in Shelley’s novel but Gradesaver changed my mind. My compassion for the monster blocked this theme. Yes, the monster is a killer but I see Victor as the bigger villain. Gradesaver showed me Victor chose to sacrifice the ones he loved for the rest of mankind. The main scene is when he sees the monster’s eyes when his bride awakens. Victor saw the spawning of more monsters in those eyes, so he killed his latest creation. The monster promised to take revenge on Victor’s loved ones if Victor did not deliver a mate.

I have all three themes in this chapter and these two movies have elements I use in my novel. I don’t actively analyze every movie and my Frankenstein mistake can easily happen if I don’t get challenged to look for more. I haven’t seen Transcendence, yet so I relied on reviews to tell me more than the obvious elements seen in a simple summary. Apparently a sacrifice occurs. Depp and Disney’s Pirates have obvious acts of sacrifice. Depp’s movie, The Brave, also has an obvious sacrifice.

I saw a bit of Kismet when I saw these parallels so close to Halloween. Kismet is Kismet, in itself. Luckily, I even have a loophole for things out of my novel’s timeline.

Description from Wikimedia
Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein as Frankenstein’s monster.
Date 1935
Source Dr. Macro
Author Universal Studios