Jewish Socialism


Johannes Vermeer shows the balance between wealth and spirit, in Woman Holding a Balance. Spirit is a divisive term, for a reason I do not fully understand. Do I wish all dogs go to heaven? Yes, a happy hunting ground where no one truly dies sounds heavenly (sounds like gamer paradise, as well). One can imagine rules of the afterlife, but only a god can know the rules beyond the grave. When I use the word spirit, I mean something outside the narcissist dream.

People, who can see beyond themselves, make capitalism work. Want of more, just for your self, drives capitalism but if this spirit never extends beyond the self – doom awaits.

If Jews are a dominant player in the media game then they control all the invisible money flowing through the marketing game. Free stuff paid for by advertising is not truly free. Obamacare may have legally escaped being called a tax in the legal terms, but it is a dirty form of socialism. Will this form of socialism fix our woeful medical system? Socialist countries with great disparity in privilege fit the dictatorship category. Too much unchecked power held by one group is a threat. One or even two groups holding too many cards in the political and the media game, poses a threat. I have no problem with true socialism but it is a difficult place to reach and the path the United States seems to have taken, seems wrong.

Advertising budgets get passed along to the consumer, so when Kim Kardashian gets big bucks for showing some skin; little folks pay. Did Jewish ties and media influence make Kin K a celebrity? The sex tape probably played a larger factor, but this lack of balance in our society is troubling. I wish people saw the picture, as I see the image above. Theism of a religion matters little to me, as long as a strong humanitarian spirit survives. I can’t say for sure how much power, the Jewish people hold in the US, but Jonathan Gruber’s Jewish socialism seems troubling. Raking in big bucks with little concern for the greater community is troubling.

Power mongering by large religious groups is an overall theme of my novel. Roman Catholicism gets the brunt of my criticism, but I believe in spreading the wealth. Judaism and Islam may have their versions of Protestants, but it is difficult to tell. Protestants in the US gave leeway to other religions and their drop in power, makes you wonder if the were too nice, in giving leeway. Are the Kardashians an asset or a liability to the American way?


Johnny Depp and the First Thanksgiving


Is it possible Johnny Depp‘s ancestors came to Florida , before the Pilgrims? Many Huguenots came from Dieppe, from which Depp  derives his name. The men, shown on the far right, came from Dieppe. MY ancestors may have been there, as well, because I have Huguenot blood and my Native American blood comes from Florida.

The Huguenots had trade relations with the natives, but did the French Protestants have food to offer, fro a Thanksgiving feast?  The Pilgrims had Squanto, who helped the Plymouth Rock colony survive and had food to put ‘the giving’ into Thanksgiving. Turkey was available to both colonies, but the French in Florida struggled to survive; they never acquired a harvest.

I have Spanish ancestors associated with early Florida, as well, but they had bad relations with the natives, at this point in history. In my opinion, the French may own the first Thanksgiving but not for certain. Huguenots were among the Pilgrims, so they are knotted to Thanksgiving either way. Both colonies had families, not just soldiers and seamen.

Pedro Menendez eventually found friends among the natives, so the Spanish have a chance. I’m not sure when the first families arrived. The Roanoke Colony and Jamestown settlers both beat the Pilgrims to our shores. I have Jamestown ancestors, as well. Roanoke is my weakest link, but who knows. Where the heck did they go?

The Conquistador versus the Pilgrim Thanksgiving


Inaccuracies exist in these portraits, but Catholic Spain sent soldiers and Pilgrims consisted of families. I’m related to both Europeans and the Native Americans. Peace loving priests did exist among the Spanish, but many also put Catholicism over humanity.The fact my ancestors may have tried to kill each other inspired me to write a novel.

Every religion has a flaw, for these two I note these issues:

I criticize the centralized structure of Catholicism. I have no problem with Friar Tucks who work among the people, but governing from afar causes problems. They have a style made for dictators. Catholicism has always been divided; anyone can see the difference in the liberal and conservative branches. In the past, you had slight divisions in theism caused partly by poor communications. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, a true break up began.

Martin Luther caused the first significant break. More branches broke directly from the Catholic Church and the Lutherans also broke into factions. This brings us to the Protestant problem; there are several different varieties and this makes them hard to understand. The internet should help clear up beliefs, but mission statements and main beliefs should get posted about every religion. Every group should have clear messages about priorities; I say the same about Feminists. In reality, since Protestant is not really a single religion; you can have female led or even lesbian churches and you do see many gay friendly churches. Some may prefer the non denominational name, rather than Protestant, but it matters little.

The top image comes from Wikipedia’s Vasco Núñez de Balboa page. The description said Balboa was executing indigenous Panamanians by use of war dogs for same-sex practice. The conquistadors did use dogs in such a way, but I can’t say they used the dogs for this specific reason. I’m just an amateur historian. The credits say the image comes from the New York Public Library, Rare Book Room, De Bry Collection, New York.

Bottom image comes from Wikipedia’ Thanksgiving Page with this description:
Artist: Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930) Link back to Creator infobox template wikidata:Q2090815
Title    The First Thanksgiving
Date    between circa 1912 and circa 1915
Medium    oil on canvas
Current location    Private collection
Accession number    Reproduction number LC-USZC4-4961
1 photomechanical print : halftone, color (postcard made from painting). Postcard published by The Foundation Press, Inc., 1932. Reproduction of oil painting from series: The Pageant of a Nation.
The scene depicted here is a romanticized (idealized) version and not historically accurate. The clothing worn by the Pilgrims is incorrect, the Wampanoag did not wear feathered war bonnets, nor would they have been sitting on the ground.[1]

Life Shaped By Odd Shaped Dominos


Move over string theory. We all have stings on us, but my theory of life looks like my theory of the universe. “My Jacks falling like dominos theory,” hold true in the history of events and our genetic history. Everything is cause and effect. Everything about you depends on an ancestor turning right or left. Causation is tricky; we are oddly shaped dominos.

Dominos in a controlled environment can only fall in a limited number of ways. Jacks fall in multiple positions and tumble with more chaotic effect. I’m not sure what shape works in between, where you get multiple, seemingly random, but predictable falling patterns. My novel deals with causation, so the mechanics of quantum mechanics tumble in my head. Humans have much similarity with quantum computers. We function with fuzzy logic.

Dr. Ben Carson’s stance on evolution, sent my mind tumbling. I’m guessing his religious belief creates his stance; but can’t a god create evolution. I’m agnostic because I can come up with numerous theories on everything. Equate the ball to the Big Bang then watch the Jacks tumble. Maybe the son of god played jacks and we ejaculated out into the world. I see parables, metaphors, and allusions in the bible and other religious works. Would a god expect man to understand the complexity of creation.

Images from Wikimedia




1878_Adams_Monumental_Illustrated_Panorama_of_History_-_Geographicus_-_WorldHistory-adams-1871 I used this because of the mix of history.

He Who Holds Our Fate


Isn’t Kismet cute? I’m sure many have heard the dire dangers that artificial intelligence may pose, so the Kismet’s name seems appropriate. Obama appears to want to move toward a socialist system and I suspect the only way we can escape what has happened in Cuba and in many other Communist countries is getting a lot of good from artificial intelligence.

I’m not privy to what Elon Musk has seen, so I’m not sure what to make of his fear of killer robots and how real the fear is. I have read Isaac Asimov, and he did a lot of thinking on the subject. I have also read the dangers of global warming due to our corn crops. I guess robots will need to kill us so we can’t eat or grow anymore corn.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Jews leading us to the promise land of socialism. They did play a big part of Left-wing politics, but I am certain many are wondering about their new path across the Red Sea.

Kismet is an element of my novel. This period of history begs for a good spoofing, so maybe I will work something in.

Description: Photograph of the robot Kismet

Source: Photograph taken by Jared C. Benedict on 16 October 2005.

Copyright: © Jared C. Benedict.

Towers Of Capitalism and Communism

Tower of Balance

Every system has a flaw. On the right, I show an anti-capitalist piece of propaganda. As we centralize, we move closer in that direction. In the old days, Emperors and Popes had an incestual relationship. George Orwell’s 1984 warns against centralized power, but two religions now own the Supreme Court and much of our media. You say Protestants once ran most everything, but Protestant is not a religion; it is the many religions which rose against the incest between the Pope and the King — Church and State.

Jews may actually stand between the old incestual relations, at present time. Thank god for Jews, I guess. Unless the Catholics are protecting us from the Jews. Both look like foreign powers. Do we already have a 1984 media situation? How much of American media is now split by these two groups?

I show Johannes VermeerWoman Holding a Balance from the Google Art Project; which, represents an old Protestant view (I realize many Protestant may not still hold such values but to come close to the values of our Founders). The woman puts her treasures and her moral values on the scale. Balance is the key.

I saw a news piece today about a former NFL player, Jason Brown, he gave up football to become a farmer and help the needy. I don’t know if he is Protestant, but the majority of Blacks in this country are.

Communists made a shabbier version of the same tower, above. They embedded up with less prosperity at all levels. Communists often use a centralized Church similar to the Catholic Church. Tight control of media is used in Communist countries and the Catholic Church. Obama is bringing in more Catholic voters with this immigration stance. Welcome to 1984. Will we step back in time to the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre? Technology can make socialism work, but I’m still giving a warning about the balance of power? Few will see this post anyway and many will just mark me as a conspiracy theorist; which, I’m really not, people bumble their way into this repetitious pattern. History keeps echoing into the present.

I thought about putting a Tower of Babel into this chapter because both have a theme of narcissism. Catholicism and Communism make towers out of bureaucracy and the central leader on top often falls into the narcissistic dictator category. China has improved as they loosened up a small bit. Pope Francis seems like a nice enough guy, but people need to think about this centralization issue. Jews may have seen anti-Semitism in my posts, but in reality I’m just making observations and giving them some thinking material about their perception. Rising in power has dangers, you best worry about your attacks on WASPs. You know you did. Protestants only have so many cheeks to turn. Maybe Catholics or Muslims will be your friend. Good luck with that.

The soil that corrupts the soul


Elitists like NBC’s Chris Mathew have a theory about Southern soil. All us down here just love to lynch us some Black folk. Fortunately, not all Northerners are elitists, Peter Matthiessen, did a great job on the complicated issue of race in the South, in his novel Shadow Country (which is also the Killing Mister Watson Trilogy.

Zora Neale Hurston sums these people up in this quote:

It has been so generally accepted that all Negroes in the South are living under horrible conditions that many friends of the Negro up North actually take offense if you don’t tell them a tale of horror and suffering. They stroll up to you, cocktail glass in hand, and say, “’I am a friend of the Negro, you know, and feel awful about the terrible conditions down there.” That’s your cue to launch into atrocities amidst murmurs of sympathy.

Later she explains how she and other educated Blacks go back South. Read about her observations on. The Pet Negro System. You will find both Whites and Blacks down South knew how to dance. Black’s had to dance around the, “white folks’ nigger,” label and White people had to do a jig around the “nigger lover,”: label (I’ve been tagged by that one and then I get called racist by racist blacks). I am a Zora lover, but I take Blacks, Whites, and all those other hues; one on a case by case basis.

The Pet Negro system had good and bad things associated with it. Some people just of both races used the system to for their own personal gain; others just wanted to spread the wealth.

I show Stetson Kennedy on the left, he did some embellishing on the KKK. How much, nobody knows Did the embellishment add to the Southern stereotype? Possibly. Zora didn’t seem too awful hateful about us; she even appeared to like many of us. Yes, there are racists down here but they also have tainted soil up North.

My ancestor was married to a black woman and we others did the same. Zephaniah Kingsley liked the multiple wife setup that African chieftains had, so he had four Black wives. Matthiessen and Hurston only captured a small part of the complicated relations we had down here. My family alone can blow people’s minds.

I will have a Stetson hat on one character in this present chapter, in rewrite, the person would have worn one anyway but some of the choice comes due to Stetson Kennedy.

Zora and her dog


I show Dali’s dog, from Metamorphosis of Narcissus but I‘m thinking about the rabid dog in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes were Watching God. My last post about Famine mentioned Dali’s dog – Famine’s dog of war is how I’m seeing it. We know governments play games, their bureaucracy causes waste, and the result is the rabid dog of hate. The hurricane in Zora’s novel parallels the biblical flood.and the ark carried with it a rabid dog. Hate always comes back.

Hurston waged war on the same thing I do — power mongering. Read, The Pet Negro, by Hurston and you see it took two players to play the game – one Black and one White. Zora recognized true friendships between Blacks and Whites but she also saw game players.

Blacks called me racist for my comments about Obama’s funding of Florida’s high-speed rail. You have to get to the train station for the rail system to work for you and the spread out nature of Florida makes this difficult for many. I still say a hydrogen fueled bus system would have benefited way more people. Japan just made another advance in fuel cell technology, so the hydrogen based infrastructure for the buses would have paved the way for fuel cell cars — environmentalists cheer. Bus riders get the immediate benefit, but the system eventually helps individual car owners. Am I really racist or did I care about an issue which actually helps poor Blacks? Will Obama’s plan help poor Blacks – No.

Zora makes note, in her novel, about how Whites like Blacks they know and distrust Blacks they don’t know — the same thing works in reverse. I’m Agnostic so I admit I do not know if Heaven exists. I doubt god cares if I care but maybe god does care that I care about people from other cultures and maybe me and Zora can be lovers in heaven. I thin me and Zora can get along fine. I suspect she would take me over Obama, any day. I’m not a game playing politician. I’m registered as an Independent, so don’t go yelling Republican either.

My rants that may look racist or whatever are really rants about power mongering and broken bureaucratic systems. Rodney King made a simple plea during the race riots; which I echo, “Can we all get along?”

When I had my novel’s main character make a fall; I decided a baptism of some sort may have some use. Zora’s hurricane also has a, “redemption in the rain,” scene. I also use Dali’s painting in this chapter and I may fit a Zora allusion in this chapter, as well.

The images come from Wikipedia and appear on links from this post.

And the third horseman holds the scales


Who judges you? Famine comes both from weather and man. Capitalism as a cure for famine seems odd, but look up famine in Wikipedia to see how they explain it. Incentive is a form of hope; everyone needs a carrot (hit the carrot link if the carrot link if you don’t recognize the idiom). Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations gave birth to the American economic engine. Greed is an Invisible Hand which can save or crush the human spirit; you need balance.

I read today 1 in 30 children in the US are homeless. We have a growing wealth disparity, as we turn into a Catholic country. Why does Catholicism produce such an effect? Because they have a vertically tiered system from which white robes drop alms to the poor. Tokenism does not work. People need purpose and reward. Trickle down systems fail as the Clintons say, but they had a trickle out policy which shipped jobs away. I’m from blue-collar roots and made my living from manufacturing, but those jobs trickled out. Republicans and Democrats have sold out the American people. When how hard or no matter how well work has no meaning people get dispirited.

People registered as Republicans or Democrats are traitors because both parties serve themselves. Gabriel García Márquez pokes fun at the constant switch from Catholicism to Communist atheism in his novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude. He describes the Catholics destroying the Churches and the Communists rebuilding them. Capitalism offers different dangers, but the correct balance can offer rewards.

Once again, I say Protestant is not a religion; it is many religions which requires a balance in power. Catholicism has the vertical structure of a dictatorship. Most Protestants vote for their leaders; whereas, the Vatican assigns leaders from afar. Robots may make socialism work. Socialist theory is not evil, but it turns people into robots and people do not perform well as robots. Balance is the key.

Nemesis, the goddess, is the enemy of pride and Satan represents pride. Salvador Dali shows a dog in his Metamorphosis of Narcissus; which, I can see as a symbol of famine. I do not know Dali’s intention, but I offer an interpretation. Pride and greed are kin and both need balance; they need – Nemesis.

I use symbols and allusions in my writing, so the trivia in my novel does not make my work trivial. My mind works in hyperlinks and I get by with fuzzy logic and memory circuits, so my style has limits but I’m different.

Image cut from Wikimedia:  Apocalypse vasnetsovPublic Domainview terms
Viktor M. Vasnetsov –
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, – Conquest, War, Famine & Death, an 1887 painting by Victor Vasnetsov. The Lamb is visible at the top.
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887.
Uploaded by Rillke
Created: December 31, 1886