TVtropes.org lists many movies , books, and other instances of baptism; they call this trope Redemption in the Rain. I show this album because Ray Charles sings Amazing Grace on this album. I’m agnostic, not atheist, and I appreciate some elements in religion.

Baptism is a bookmark; it marks when you first see a need to change. John Newton wrote Amazing Grace and the song is his plea to end slavery. People should be humbler about what they now see but previously did not. If Newton never served aboard a slave ship, would he have penned Amazing Grace?

Polygamy played a big part in slavery; African chieftains did not care for sharing and sold off males as slaves. People mistake polygamy as a crime against women; they are mistaken, leaders want to get rid of potential rivals. Herod’s story in the bible notes another way to get rid of potential rivals.

I write this because I decided to have my main character make a fall and a baptism of some sort may take place. The fall does not highlight this character’s enlightenment but t I hope to link it to another character. Baby baptism makes for a bad script unless you work to frame it properly. Hindus and Buddhists do not bookmark their enlightenment like a Baptist does but they both have an appreciation for the “aha moment” in life. Does the ritual or religion matter more than enlightenment? I doubt it, but then again I am a Doubting Thomas – I am agnostic.


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