One bad experience came when telling a doctor I had a blood clot; he gave me antibiotics for a skin infection, so I had to find another doctor to give me the obvious right answer. I developed varicose veins while in the military and it wasn’t to difficult to figure out it was a blood clot,but somehow some hot shot doctor managed to blow it.
I was told I was anemic by the VA, but I kept trying to explain that my recent donation of blood caused the problem. More than one said blood donation could not be the problem. I haven’t tested anemic since.
I have experience just as bad or worse,but rather not post them.
My medical care in the Navy was bad, so is the VA, but I can’t say commercial medicine is any better. Maybe all the good doctors are in Africa. When troops go to help with Ebola they may want to stay because I doubt they will get much help here. Maybe shamans and witch doctors are better than these things with degrees. Maybe I’m the only one with one bad experience after anther.

Maybe most doctors are deaf and I struggle not to be dumb (as in mute, but I also have turn my brain off to survive in this world). They make you feel out lawyer legalese and want medical records, but seem to never read these records. I asked my last doctor if he read my medical records, he said he rather hear from the patient. I  keep telling then to highlight one thing on my medical record, do they listen — N O.

I try not to sway from my book, but my bad mood got the better of me.  I need a “poster child” doctor to throw into this chapter. I haven’t found a suitable one, yet.


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