Some thoughts arrive in my brain from the twilight zone. Does god send those thoughts or do lower depths working when the upper regions sleep? If god wants to enlighten me, so I know, I’m all for enlightenment. The pictures come from Wikipedia’s Phineas Gage page. He somehow lived to know what went though his head – that bar in his head.

The goddess, Fortuna, appears to have been double dealing to Phineas Gage, from opposite sides of the deck. Do I care the gender or the nature of God? No, I’m a peon. God can be whoever he or she wants to be. I’m sorry if Fortuna pops in my mind. I prefer the deity of a Muse when I write but in many ways I see god as enlighten itself.

Alcoholic Anonymous used god as the enlightenment to make a needed change and the source of strength to make the change. I don’t have addiction problems, but I’m not sure why people care about this use of god. If the concept of god helps someone then I see a good thing.

As an agnostic, I accept others in their belief but I expect them to understand my doubts. I see god as a symbol of what gets through a thick skull. I wish things went in and out of my head easier but I pray it isn’t as thick a gauge as went through poor Phineas.