I enjoy the books, but modern-day politics sickens me. Politicians pander to groups rather than take clear stances on issues; I’m registered as an Independent for this very issue – about issues. Why didn’t they put the immigration issue up for vote? Will Obama play king rather than President? Let the people decide. We are a democracy.

While in the Navy, a Black guy apologized to me because he thought I was racist. He realized the truth, I’m not a racist I do not pander. People are people, no matter the skin color and unfortunately I’m becoming more misanthropic by the day, skin color doesn’t show up much among the scum on the average politician.

Too much power mongering going on. What Catholics did in the Inquisition and what some Muslims groups do today – bugs me. I hate the word “heretic” and I’m not sure Catholics ever left the term behind. This latest Pope seems different, but I’m not holding my breath. I never had a problem with Jews, but the realization that only Catholics and Jews sit on the Supreme Court has changed my perception.

I don’t belong to a religious group, but if I am forced to take sides – I guess will go with the Protestants. People need to read and think about the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Protestant America gave religious freedom even to the people who killed many of their ancestors. Now, the killers have a lot of political power. Protestants in America have more guns, though. Protestant America was generally neutral and Jews and Israel benefited. If Muslims dropped the heretic talk, more Protestants might have leaned toward the Palestinian cause. Neutral does not mean strong ties. Catholics persecuted Jews, Protestants, and Muslims while Protestant America gave religious freedom to all those groups.

I hate groupism. I’m not all anything. My looks may stand out too much and I hate standing out, so the Black Drag Queen Gang need not call; I have no hate for such a group but like I say – I doubt I fit. I’m lousy fit most everywhere. Maybe I will become a hermit in the Everglades.


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