I have no idea, what the Sheldons of this world plan to give us. If they said they plan to give us a semiconductor operating at the speed of light; I can understand the value. Einstein used the word, “spooky,” in regards to quantum entanglement; which, means he did not understand how it works. If they prove quantum entanglement; does it prove the old one exists and he or she has a magic wand?

Is quantum theory based on what happens the exact instant when a mirror tries to decide whether to reflect Kim Kardashian’s image or absorb it. What happens when the mirror absorbs all that narcissism; does it build up energy like a laser. I am guessing the laser was too much for the fiber optics and that is how she broke the internet. A narcissism driven laser beam powered by Kayne West might destroy the universe.

Can god hit a knuckle ball? If the atheists are right – he can’t and maybe the universe implodes as I theorized and Stephen Hawking plagiarized (I predicted  the end of the universe long before Hawking –see my  Bikini Good, Bikini Bad post). I’m sorry Stephen, but I’m sure I can throw a better spitball than you can throw a fastball.

I try to capture what goes through my head as I write my book. Narcissism is a theme in this chapter, so Kim K threw a knuckler (this is when a baseball has a weird spin, kind of like most of the news, in today’s world). I also us a quantum mechanics riddle in another chapter. Maybe quantum physics is about vacuüm in time, where (Min =  Max) = (0 = 360) and you meet the paradox in the Twilight Zone ( which I also refer to in this chapter) and one divided zero is no longer is undefined but equals or at least equivalent to the pi root of pi and my gibberish no longer equals zero. Does this dimension exist in the Twilight Zone?

I feel somewhat bad about picking on the Sheldon’s, but I am curious why the Higgs boson matters and if the experiments pose the narcissism driven laser. Nude women at least make my eyes happy. I am sure got way too much money; which could have went to something more useful. The CERN particle accelerator may be worth the money but some tangible benefits may cheer me up a bit. (just joking about Hawking plagiarizing me, but I still said it first).

CERN LHC Tunnel1.jpg from Wikipedia posted by Julian Herzog[more photography on my website] Own work

Also from Wikipedia — Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Film FestivalCC BY 3.0

David ShankboneDavid Shankbone


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