Mel Gibson got in trouble over his comments about Jews; Charlie Sheen did, too. The percentage of Jews in the American media (Fox News may be an exception) is obviously higher than the overall populace. Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson have Catholic roots; which also have a huge, huge presence in the American politics, news and entertainment.

Protestants founded the United States government and even the colony founded for Catholics, Maryland, had few Catholics. The Irish potato famine caused the ramp up in Catholics. Read about the Inquisition and think about how the American Protestants. “turned the other cheek,” by letting people who used the word “heretic” share in the growing prosperity.

Philip Roth apparently did not care how many of his fellow Jews disparaged the WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), in Portnoy’s Complaint. As a Southerner, I find myself stereotyped all the time and many times by Jews and Catholics. TVtropes shows many examples of Southern stereotypes here:   http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DeepSouth

I show Adam Sandler’s movie, The Waterboy, because of the Florida setting and the Southern stereotyping. Do I hate Sandler for being Jewish and his stereotyping? No, so what, Rednecks get sunburn from working and fishing. Oh, what stupid lazy White trash they must be, to do such things as work and fish in the sun. Red is a color, the context of Redskin or Redneck is what matters.

I don’t hold Adam Sandler responsible for the Jonathan Gruber, who is probably Jewish and apparently took great pride in hoodwinking his fellow Americans on Obamacare, or guys like Jack Abramoff, who ripped off Native Americans, or Bernard Madoff, or the many other Jewish names that fall under the con artist category. Terrorists bombers make Mohammed look bad not the cartoonist, it would help if Sandler’s fellow Jews didn’t inspire this little rant. I do not hate Jews, but I do see some reason to complain.

I went to Israel while in the Navy because we Americans see fit to let Israel exist, unlike some Muslim factions. We help Jews with Hitler, but we get political cronies like Gruber backstabbing us. We get called WASPS and Rednecks, not in light jest but hate by Jewish people. Should I hate back? Should we lean more to the Palestinian viewpoint? Jewish people are supposed to be smart? I’m not too sure about that stereotype.

Who discriminates against who? One Protestant group is nothing like the other but get lumped together. Read about the Quakers. Who could hate and backstab them? Bigots like Sotomayor and Gruber. I hate how jaded I’m becoming. I don’t want to hate like Mel Gibson, or make bigoted statements like Sotomayor, or stereotype like, well, everybody. This post has something to with this chapter I.m working on. I hope the message comes through without the hate but with full disgust.

The guy who caught Gruber was probably Jewish and Iike I try to point out this is not about hate, but guys like Gruber need to think. Shame Gruber isn’t Japanese; they know something about honor.


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