I show Dali’s dog, from Metamorphosis of Narcissus but I‘m thinking about the rabid dog in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes were Watching God. My last post about Famine mentioned Dali’s dog – Famine’s dog of war is how I’m seeing it. We know governments play games, their bureaucracy causes waste, and the result is the rabid dog of hate. The hurricane in Zora’s novel parallels the biblical flood.and the ark carried with it a rabid dog. Hate always comes back.

Hurston waged war on the same thing I do — power mongering. Read, The Pet Negro, by Hurston and you see it took two players to play the game – one Black and one White. Zora recognized true friendships between Blacks and Whites but she also saw game players.

Blacks called me racist for my comments about Obama’s funding of Florida’s high-speed rail. You have to get to the train station for the rail system to work for you and the spread out nature of Florida makes this difficult for many. I still say a hydrogen fueled bus system would have benefited way more people. Japan just made another advance in fuel cell technology, so the hydrogen based infrastructure for the buses would have paved the way for fuel cell cars — environmentalists cheer. Bus riders get the immediate benefit, but the system eventually helps individual car owners. Am I really racist or did I care about an issue which actually helps poor Blacks? Will Obama’s plan help poor Blacks – No.

Zora makes note, in her novel, about how Whites like Blacks they know and distrust Blacks they don’t know — the same thing works in reverse. I’m Agnostic so I admit I do not know if Heaven exists. I doubt god cares if I care but maybe god does care that I care about people from other cultures and maybe me and Zora can be lovers in heaven. I thin me and Zora can get along fine. I suspect she would take me over Obama, any day. I’m not a game playing politician. I’m registered as an Independent, so don’t go yelling Republican either.

My rants that may look racist or whatever are really rants about power mongering and broken bureaucratic systems. Rodney King made a simple plea during the race riots; which I echo, “Can we all get along?”

When I had my novel’s main character make a fall; I decided a baptism of some sort may have some use. Zora’s hurricane also has a, “redemption in the rain,” scene. I also use Dali’s painting in this chapter and I may fit a Zora allusion in this chapter, as well.

The images come from Wikipedia and appear on links from this post.


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