Elitists like NBC’s Chris Mathew have a theory about Southern soil. All us down here just love to lynch us some Black folk. Fortunately, not all Northerners are elitists, Peter Matthiessen, did a great job on the complicated issue of race in the South, in his novel Shadow Country (which is also the Killing Mister Watson Trilogy.

Zora Neale Hurston sums these people up in this quote:

It has been so generally accepted that all Negroes in the South are living under horrible conditions that many friends of the Negro up North actually take offense if you don’t tell them a tale of horror and suffering. They stroll up to you, cocktail glass in hand, and say, “’I am a friend of the Negro, you know, and feel awful about the terrible conditions down there.” That’s your cue to launch into atrocities amidst murmurs of sympathy.

Later she explains how she and other educated Blacks go back South. Read about her observations on. The Pet Negro System. You will find both Whites and Blacks down South knew how to dance. Black’s had to dance around the, “white folks’ nigger,” label and White people had to do a jig around the “nigger lover,”: label (I’ve been tagged by that one and then I get called racist by racist blacks). I am a Zora lover, but I take Blacks, Whites, and all those other hues; one on a case by case basis.

The Pet Negro system had good and bad things associated with it. Some people just of both races used the system to for their own personal gain; others just wanted to spread the wealth.

I show Stetson Kennedy on the left, he did some embellishing on the KKK. How much, nobody knows Did the embellishment add to the Southern stereotype? Possibly. Zora didn’t seem too awful hateful about us; she even appeared to like many of us. Yes, there are racists down here but they also have tainted soil up North.

My ancestor was married to a black woman and we others did the same. Zephaniah Kingsley liked the multiple wife setup that African chieftains had, so he had four Black wives. Matthiessen and Hurston only captured a small part of the complicated relations we had down here. My family alone can blow people’s minds.

I will have a Stetson hat on one character in this present chapter, in rewrite, the person would have worn one anyway but some of the choice comes due to Stetson Kennedy.


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